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HIV, short for “human immunodeficiency virus,” is a sexually transmitted virus. Sharing intravenous needles, receiving infected blood donations, and mother-to-child transmission of HIV during childbirth and nursing are also risk factors for HIV transmission. When HIV is contracted, symptoms often appear between two and four weeks later. Sometimes the onset of symptoms is delayed by as much as a year. AIDS’s full form is Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It...
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Smoking leads to hypertension (high blood pressure) immediately and in the long run. So, does Smoking cause high blood pressure? Yes, While smoking, your blood pressure is high, which puts extra strain on your artery walls. There is a connection between Smoking and Hypertension. Decode more about Smoking: increased risk of Hypertension. Causes Smoking raises the risk of hypertension and damages blood arteries, decreasing oxygen supply to vital organs like...
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