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Emergency Medicine

Pre-hospital emergency medical services Contact number: 080- 4125 9032

- The Department of Emergency Medicine, at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, comprises a team of skilled Emergency Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals committed to provide quality medical care to every part of our diverse community in Bangalore and beyond 24x7.

- Equipped with Triage, Resuscitation, Acute care unit, Minor OT, Observation unit, a futuristic point-of-care diagnostic lab and swift access to advanced laboratory, radiology and blood bank services, the department is a testament to an ideal Emergency Department.

- A team of multidisciplinary specialists are available round the clock, to support the emergency physicians in providing unmatched medical expertise at the earliest possible time.

- The Department strictly adheres to Hospital infection control policies to enhance patient care.

- All life threatening emergencies and time critical conditions are managed with well structured institutional protocols (CODE STEMI, CODE BLUE, CODE GI BLEED, CODE STROKE and CODE TRAUMA).


- The emergency department has been designed for optimal stabilization of all trauma victims, with ATLS trained emergency physicians, a Trauma Team comprising of all relevant specialties, an Emergency OT complex attached exclusively to the department and a 12 bed Trauma ICU with state of the art infrastructure.


- The Department of Emergency Medicine at VIMS & RC has a fully recognized residency program in Emergency Medicine.

- The MD Emergency Medicine Program enrolled its inaugural class in 2011, the foremost in Karnataka. Sustained growth, development and improvement establishes VIMS & RC Emergency Medicine residency as one of the top academic program.

- With a goal of developing proficient leaders and exemplary clinicians in the specialty of emergency medicine, residents are taught to recognize, evaluate, and manage the full spectrum of patients presenting to the Emergency Department.

- VIMS & RC imparts immense opportunity to care for large numbers of critically ill and injured patients.

Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Kalpana.K Professor & HOD
2. Dr. Ravi Kumar Assoc. Professor
3. Dr. Shiva Raj.A.L Assoc. Professor
4. Dr. Siddaraj Wali Assoc. Professor
5. Dr. Ganesh B S Assoc. Professor
6. Dr. Sahana G Asst. Professor
7. Dr. Ranjith Kumar K Asst. Professor
8. Dr. Dhruva. P V Sr.Resident
9. Dr. Harismitha M Jr.Resident
10. Dr. Vivek M Jr.Resident
11. Dr. Chinmai Uppuluri Jr.Resident
12. Dr. Sushila Jr.Resident
13. Dr. Aristottle K Jr.Resident
14. Dr. Sangamesh Jr.Resident
  • Building – Centrally air conditioned, advanced Trauma Centre with easy accesibility.
  • Reception area
  • Triage area (Red, Yellow and Green zones)
  • CMO room
  • Resuscitation area
  • Acute care unit
  • Isolation room
  • Surgical minor OT
  • Emergency Major OT
  • Emergency observation Unit
  • Trauma ICU
  • Central oxygen and suction facility
  • Waiting area for relatives with patients
Diagnostic Facilities
  • Rapid antigen testing facility
  • Point-of-care Diagnostic Lab
  • ECG
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasonography (Portable)
  • CT-Scan, MRI
  • Emergency laboratory facility
  • 2D ECHO
Supportive Facilities
  • Ambulance Service(ACLS & ATLS equipped)
  • Security services
  • CCTV supervision
  • Cold storage and Mortuary
  • Liason with organ donation
Operative Facilities
  1. Well Equipped modular operation theatres
Critical Care Facility
  1. Ventilators
  2. Continuous hemodynamicmonitoring
Blood Bank
  1. Blood and various blood components available24X7

Emergency Department Services cover evaluation, resuscitation and treatment of all emergency conditions 24x7. It involves both prehospital and in hospital emergency services of the following types:

  • Cardio respiratory emergencies
  • Surgical& Orthopedic emergencies
  • All Trauma emergencies
  • Toxicologic emergencies
  • Endocrinal Emergency Services
  • Neurological & Neurosurgical Emergencies
  • Obstetrics and Gynecological emergencies
  • All types of pediatric and Geriatric emergencies
  • Infectious diseases emergencies
  • Nephrology emergencies and Dialysis Facilities
  • Medical & Surgical Gastroenterology emergencies
  • Cardiothoracic Vascular emergencies
  • Ophthalmologic& ENT emergencies
  • Burns& Plastic emergencies
  • Dermatologic emergencies
  • Dental and Oro-maxillofacial emergencies
  • Medical, Surgical & Radiation oncological emergencies
  • Psychiatric emergencies
  • Emergency Pain & palliative care
  • Medico LegalDocumentation
  • Emergency Ambulance Services