Best General Surgeon in India | Vydehi Hospital

General Surgery

The Department of Surgery has 5 surgical units with adequatewell experienced doctor in each unit. The Department undertakes all major and minor surgical procedures. There is a well equipped Major OT Complex and also Septic and Emergency OT separately. Surgery Department renders its services for both out-patient and in-patient. It has Day Care facilities. Teaching programmes for both Undergraduates and Post Graduates meticulously done.

The Department runs following clinic as an outpatient basis:

  • Diabetic foot clinic (Monday )
  • Proctology clinic (Wednesday)
  • Endoscopy Re-view clinics (Friday)

Specialty services in urology, Plastic surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Cardio thoracic/ Vascular surgery and Laproscopy Surgery are also present. Department has a good back up services from Department of Radiology with CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Doppler study, mammography. Central Lab caters all Investigation and RNAC.

  • Outpatient service
  • Inpatient services
  • Diabetic foot clinic (at OPD)
  • Proctology clinic
  • Endoscopy clinic with re-view
  • Day Care services at OPD
Health checkups/ Health Packages
  • As outpatient Surgical Health checkups are done. Health packages are there for Laproscopic procedures and Onco Surgeries.
  • Periodic Health Camps are conducted for Health checkups
Treatments/ Procedures

Both for outpatient and in-patient are done together with emergency services.

  • Both in-patient and outpatient services,
  • Upper GI Endoscopy, Lower GI Endoscopy,
  • Minor O.T and Major O.T procedures.
  • Emergency services,
  • Diabetic foot clinic, proctology clinic and Endoscopy Re-view clinics,
OPD Schedule/ Timings
  • Monday to Friday : 9 Am to 4 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday : 9 Am to 1 PM