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    • Really excellent service… They saved my life .. excellent staff … Really life saving service … I will be always faithful to your hospitality.

      Raghu Billu
    • The vaccination drive held at Vydehi was very well organised ..

      Akshata Neelakanthi
    • I like the Vydehi Hospital Oncology department (VOICE). The people in pharmacy need to work a
      little on behaviour, the rest of the medical staff was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. So far we had a great experience with the medical staff at this hospital. Thank you once again.

      Ramanathan S
    • Very good hospital.all specialist in hospital treatment also good.caring very good.am happy . thank you all doctors and sister.

      Uzair Alam
    • Hi, I have visited this hospital multiple times. I have been here almost 18yrs and residing next to this hospital. As per my opinion the doctors are treated very well and I see worth of money. Recently my father treated with acute pancreatitis the treatment done by Dr. Chandra Babu sir, simply amazing, even tho we had many references in this hospital,still he took up this case and stood all the way till the last moment. I appreciate his work and dedication towards service.

      Harish T
    • I am Gobinda Nath from Kolkata.For the past two years or so, I’ve been struggling with piles and fissures,,, I contact Bangalore Vydehi hospital with some people’s advice,,, I was admitted there as a patient of Dr. Sir Ram and Dr. Madam Priyanka (Dr Mahan lal)* I don’t know (everybody’s)many doctors have operated on me there, all of them are equal to God Their conversation, their love, and their treatment made me happy ,,, Stay by the side of every patient in this way,,, You will all be healthy,,,

      Gobinda Nath
    • Great doctor nd nurses also all member of this doctor

    • Best treatment for middle class people.

      Raju Das
    • Best Hospital

      Today I visited Vydehi Hospital.

      Even at late hours 8:30PM the Doctors at Emergency Casualty responded well.

      The Sr. Doctor and Jr.Doctors treated me well at free of cost and babded my injury.

      Thank you Vydehi Hospital team.

      Nagamahesh Gamidi
    • My daughter admitted in this hospital for 5 days. She was suffering from chronic diariah. Dr. Mithila Das Majumder is the best pediatrician, her diagnosis is incredibly magical. Hospital and management is also very good and all junior doctors, nurses are very helpful. They took immediate action for patients. So far we have a great experience with this hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Mithila

      Saswati Saha