Best Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Bangalore at Vydehi Hospital


The department of OBG in the Vydehi Hospital a 1,600 bed super specialityhospital.Has 150 beds with additional semi private, private and delux a/c rooms dedicated to the OBG patients.

The Speciality of OBG is well staffed with 5 Professors, Associate Professors, and 10 Assistant professors who after being trained and worked in reputed instutuions are available for their valued consultations and surgical skills. Assisting the senior doctors round the clock are 18 post graduates of obg, with a host of intern medical officers helping them.

1. OPD services
2. Deliveries are conducted 24 hours a day.
3. All major and minor obstetrics and Gynec surgeries.
4. Laproscopy, hysteroscopy and colposcopy done
5. There is a oncology department to deal with cancer patients, it is well staffed with Medical oncologist, surgical oncologist and Radio therapy unit with state of the art equipment's.


Apart from the above services we have a high end NICU, where we get a lot premature babies and babies with other problems from outside. Obstetric ICU will be available, giving dedicated service.

Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Sujata N.Datti Prof & HOD
2. Dr. Shreedhar Venkatesh Professor
3. Dr. Sampath Kumar Professor
4. Dr. Sheela H.S. Professor
5. Dr. Aparna Nair Professor
6. Dr. Madhava Prasad Assoc. Professor
7. Dr. Ashwini R Neelakanthi Assoc. Professor
8. Dr. Ashwini Sidhmalswamy.G Assoc. Professor
9. Dr. Bhubaneswari Dalei Asst. Professor
10. Dr. Somika Kaul Asst. Professor
11. Dr. Anjali Balachandran Asst. Professor
12. Dr. Gopinath Radha Greeshma Asst. Professor
13. Dr. Samskruthi S Reddy Asst. Professor
14. Dr. Chaithra Ravi Shankar Asst. Professor
15. Dr. Smitha Kalappa Asst. Professor
16. Dr. Vedamani K M Asst. Professor
17. Dr. Meghana Subramanya Asst. Professor
18. Dr. Sowmya Venkatreddy Asst. Professor
19. Dr. Lopamudra Pradhan Asst. Professor
20. Dr. Teena .C. Bannihatti Asst. Professor
21. Dr. Kanika Ranjan Senior Resident
22. Dr. Priyanka Peethambaran Senior Resident
23. Dr. Tanvi Desai Senior Resident
24. Dr. Siri Ganesh Senior Resident
25. Dr. Vinutha N Senior Resident
26. Dr. Kondapuram Veena Senior Resident
27. Dr. Anusha J Jr. Resident
28. Dr. Anvitha K Reddy Jr. Resident
29. Dr. Arpita Girigoudar Jr. Resident
30. Dr. Bindu V Jr. Resident
31. Dr. Madaka Sukanthi Mounika Jr. Resident
32. Dr. Modugula Vandana Jr. Resident
33. Dr. Nair Pallavi Subhash Sathi Jr. Resident
34. Dr. Puja Bhol Jr. Resident
35. Dr. Ranjitha G V Jr. Resident
36. Dr. Sanjana  N Jr. Resident
37. Dr. Sneha Bobbala Jr. Resident
38. Dr. T Soumyashree Jr. Resident
39. Dr. Bhavani Devi S Jr. Resident
40. Dr. Dhruthi V Jr. Resident
41. Dr. Sidharth Sofat Jr. Resident
42. Dr. Vandana N Kumar Jr. Resident
43. Dr. Kruthi A Jr. Resident
44. Dr. Manasa M R Jr. Resident
45. Dr. Vishwa Deepthi.G Jr. Resident
46. Dr. Shwetha R Jr. Resident
47. Dr. M Sereesha Jr. Resident
48. Dr. Madhu Priya V Jr. Resident
49. Dr. Gadapa Pooja Jr. Resident
50. Dr. Ninada R P Jr. Resident
51. Dr. Priyanka Raj Jr. Resident
52. Dr. Swathi K S Jr. Resident
53. Dr. Shravani A Jr. Resident
54. Dr. Mohana Royal Jr. Resident
55. Dr. Sushmita K Jr. Resident
56. Dr. Shravya Madhu Jr. Resident
57. Dr. Pooja G Jr. Resident
58. Dr. Navya C Jr. Resident
59. Dr. Nithya S Jr. Resident
60. Dr. Akhila Myneni Jr. Resident
61. Dr. Batchu Savitri Jr. Resident
62. Dr. Aishwarya Muradi Jr. Resident
OPD Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday and Sundays – 9.00am – 1.00pm
A qualified doctor is available 24 hours a day in the hospital.

  1. 6 Consultation rooms
  2. 2 Examination rooms
  3. Minor O.T. for Office Procedure
  4. Colposcopy room
  5. N.S.T. Room
  6. I.C.T.C. Integrated counseling and testing center for HIV 1 AND 2 where free testing and counseling is done.
  7. The OPD has a patient waiting lounge with a seating capacity of 50 patient, provided with a beverage/snack vending machine, drinking water and rest rooms. The OPD is well staffed with a Secretary , nurses, counselors, technicians and group D helper staff.
IPD (In-patient Department)
  • 150 beds available with 90 beds for pregnant and post-delivery mothers.60 beds for gynaecology patients.
  • The 2 wards are well ventilated, clean and sanitized with imported breakable cots and bedside lockers for each patient.
  • Every ward has examination and procedure rooms, male and female duty doctor’s room, well equipped nurses station with crash carts carrying all emergency drugs.
  • Each ward has separate seminars rooms with seating capacity of 50, with complete teaching aids.
OT / Labour Room Complex
Major OT
  • 2 well equipped, air-conditioned dedicated OTs for OBG, operate round-the-clock with well-trained OT staff and in-house anesthetist.
Minor OT
  • To cater to all minor OT procedures next to the major OTs.
Recovery Room
  • With 8 beds available adjacent to the OT for all post-OP patients with monitors for intensive, immediate post-OP care.
Post-Operative Ward
  • With 8 beds and dedicated staff to monitor the post-OP patients.
Labour Room Complex
  • Spacious, well ventilated labour complex with pre-labour waiting room with 5 beds, having the facility for labour analgesia providing painless delivery. Pre-labour waiting room has the equipment for continuous foetal monitoring of these patients.
Labour / Delivery Room
  • Having 3labourand delivery tables, having continuous foetal monitoring facility and ultrasonography machine for emergency cases.
Neo-natal Resuscitation Room
  • Provided with 4 advanced neo-natal resuscitation units in a sterile, sanitized environment with neo-natologist in attendance.
Post-natal / Post-partum Ward
  • With 8 beds, being staffed with experienced nurses in mid-wifery, who assist the new mother in feeding and baby care.
  • The Department of OBG has 3 seminar rooms, each with a seating capacity of 30-40, with LCD projectors and display screen.
  • The department has exclusive departmental library, with AV aids for patient education and viewing.
Services Offered

1. Daily OPD consultation from 9 am to 4 pm with emergency services from 4 pm to 9 am.
2. Obstetrics (Pregancy related cases)
3. Gynaecology (non-pregnant woman ailments)
4. Infertility (for issueless couples)

Specialized Clinics

1. Specialized clinics
2. Cancer detection clinic
3. Family planning clinic
4. Menopause clinic
5. Pre-natal counseling clinic

All normal and high-risk deliveries are conducted round-the-clock, 24 hrs emergency services are provided.


All major and minor obstetrics and gynaecological surgeries are performed.

Specialized Services Offered

1. Colposcopy – All diagnostic and surgical colposcopy.
2. Hysteroscopy – All diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.
3. Laparoscopy – All diagnostic and operative laparoscopy.
IUI (Intra-uterine Insemination) Clinics.
Ultrasonography with Doppler studies.