December 2022 - VIMS
December 2022


Skin Care
Winter has arrived, and your skin feels dry, rough, and scaly. Worrying isn’t it!! Do you know it’s not only the cold weather but also the lack of hydration, lack of nutrients, not wearing winter protection clothing, etc., harming your skin? Here we will be discussing some of the natural ways and some daily routines...
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Food Allergy causes, symptoms, treatment, immune system
Do you like milk? Or are you one of those who prepared a list of reasons just to avoid the consumption of milk? Do you feel diarrhea after eating those wheat Rotis? How about the tasty time-pass snack peanuts? In one way or another, the aroma, the brilliant colors, or the flavors of the dish...
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Heart Transplant Story at Vydehi Hospital
Another successful Heart Transplant surgery at VIMS by Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy.
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