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Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

  • The vision of the Cardiac Sciences department of Vydehi Hospital is to dedicate itself to providing affordable health care with state-of-the-art facilities, sometimes for free, to the lesser privileged sections of society. Cardiothoracic surgery involves treating organs inside the thoracic cavity through surgical intervention.
  • The specialist team at Vydehi has performed over 14,626 surgeries with a success rate of 98%. Treating many patients with different heart problems has given us the credibility and confidence of tackling the future.
  • The operation theatres are of Stainless Steel to ensure a uniform, hygienic, non-corrosive, and heat resistant surface. Also, advanced HEPA filters and a laminar flow system guarantee a zero bacteria environment.
  • Realizing the importance of pre and postoperative care, the state-of-the-art intensive care units at Vydehi provide a high nurse-to-patient ratio.
  • Our specialists are part of ground-breaking research in angiogenesis, endothelium-coated grafts and pericardial patches using the Homograft and Xenograft facilities.
  • The many humanitarian initiatives at Vydehi’s Cardiac Care Institute are perhaps best grounded in the simple fact of Cardiac surgeries being performed for as low as Rs 95,000 and valve surgeries for Rs. 1,20,000. We have done free surgeries for people who cannot afford them.
Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy Professor & H.O.D
2. Dr. Mayuri Shrivasthavu Assoc. Professor
3. Dr. Vikas .M Asst. Professor
4. Dr. Subhas Kadim Asst. Professor
5. Dr. Yogesh T Asst. Professor

Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Services

At Vydehi, there are separate adult and paediatric care units with state-of-the-art operating suites. Our surgery team includes highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeons, anaesthetists, intensive care specialists, and dedicated critical care nurses.

The surgeries performed here include
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Beating Heart Surgery for Coronary Heart Disease
  • Valvar Heart Disease Treatment
  • Congenital Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
  • Congenital Adult Cardiac Surgery
  • Aneurysm Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
We also offer International Procedures like
  • Coronary Angiogram
  • Coronary Artery Stenting with Bio-degradable stents
  • Device Closures for Septal Defects
  • Permanent Pacemaker Implantation
Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery bypass surgery is a surgical procedure performed to relieve angina and reduce the risk of death from coronary artery disease.

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Open Heart Surgery

Mitral valve replacement surgery involves replacing the patient’s mitral valve with a different valve.

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Cardiothoracic Surgery Treatments Services

Specialized postoperative management and cardiac rehabilitation are unique to Vydehi. We have capabilities and facilities to handle the most complex Cardiac disorders, from paediatric to the elderly.

Our facilities are all-inclusive, and it includes all the up-to-date technologies.

  • ECMO
  • Heart Long Machine
  • Act Machine
  • Haemotherm
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
  • Fluid warmer
  • OT Table
  • Flash Auto Clave
  • Auto Clave
  • Doppler
  • Anaesthetic Workstation comfortable for Paediatric, Adult, and Neonatology
  • patients
  • Ventilator
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Syringe Pump
  • Infusion Pump
  • Fluid Warmer
  • Warmer (patient)
  • ABG Machine
  • Paediatric Warmer
  • Chest Vibrator

Efficient support infrastructure, accessible accommodation for the attendant, and financial support from charitable societies are other supporting services offered at Vydehi.

At Vydehi Institute of Cardiac Sciences, matters of the heart are a consuming interest. Leave your heart concerns with us to live a happy life.