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Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and vomiting have common causes and are presumed to be common but have significant differences. Understand the reasons for nausea and vomiting the different causes for each of them, their differences, and remedies some of which are usually available at home.  Reasons Why You Might Feel Queasy And Throw Up There are many factors...
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HIV, short for “human immunodeficiency virus,” is a sexually transmitted virus. Sharing intravenous needles, receiving infected blood donations, and mother-to-child transmission of HIV during childbirth and nursing are also risk factors for HIV transmission. When HIV is contracted, symptoms often appear between two and four weeks later. Sometimes the onset of symptoms is delayed by...
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Smoking Hypertension
Smoking leads to hypertension (high blood pressure) immediately and in the long run. So, does Smoking cause high blood pressure? Yes, While smoking, your blood pressure is high, which puts extra strain on your artery walls. There is a connection between Smoking and Hypertension. Decode more about Smoking: increased risk of Hypertension. Causes Smoking raises...
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Regular Health checkup
Regular Health Checkup Benefits: Importance of Health Checkups Why is regular health checkup important, and What are the advantages? Doctors always advise regular health checkups. But what are the regular health checkup benefits? The importance of health checkups is signified by the amount the advice is popular. Regular health checkups are a way to keep...
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Pregnant women care
Pregnant Women Care Tips for a Healthy Mother and Child How to take care of a pregnant woman every day is an impending question for all first-time moms and dads. Pregnant women’s care tips for the best health of a mother and the child to bear are essential to motherhood care. Pregnancy care involves adapting...
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Quit Smoking
Tobacco Awareness: Say No to Smoking, Say Yes to Life Every single one of us has seen smoking tobacco as an everyday activity. Be it the sexy smoking scenes in movies or the standard distressing smoking minutes during lunch breaks. But to quit cigarette immediately is the requirement of the day. It is very important...
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Safe Holi Celebration
Holi is the festival of colors celebrated with great fanfare in India and a few countries worldwide. The festival of colors is a great way to have a good time with family and friends in a colorful environment. Extensive research has been carried out with a focus on studying the impact of colors used during...
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Technological Device
Life seems to come to a halt without using technological devices such as mobile or laptops. In the age of interconnectivity, it becomes mandatory to have these devices to process information and share it with the world. The pros and cons of these devices evenly match each other, but it’s very recently that researchers are...
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