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Regular Health Checkup Benefits: Importance of Health Checkups

Regular Health checkup

Regular Health Checkup Benefits: Importance of Health Checkups

Why is regular health checkup important, and What are the advantages?

Doctors always advise regular health checkups. But what are the regular health checkup benefits? The importance of health checkups is signified by the amount the advice is popular. Regular health checkups are a way to keep ourselves updated with our health and our body. As a result, our health condition remains better; finances are saved due to unexpected medical treatment, we live longer, etc. 

Why is Regular Health Checkup Important?

Health checkups aim to discover medical abnormalities and identify risk factors and infections before they develop difficulties. In addition, a health checkup’s primary goal is to assist the patient in changing their lifestyle for long-term healthy living and preventing illnesses and complications. Therefore, regular health checkups should be part of our planned activities. 

Scientific studies have established that people who attend regular medical checkups are less likely to encounter diseases and are better prepared to avoid any critical health condition like cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Approximately over 80% of the population, in general, is living an unchecked unhealthy lifestyle. The main reason why full body health checkups and specialized health checkups offer distinct benefits is that regular health checks help keep a tab on our health status and help to monitor the changes in our body and the effect of our daily habits.


All of this is reasonable. But why is regular health important? Today’s working-age group ranges from 30 years of age to 60 years. People in this age group are at high risk of diseases because of lifestyle conditioning. Unhealthy lifestyle changes and choices combined with a lack of sleep cause several health problems. Hereditary health diseases are always at risk of becoming severe illnesses. Diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiac diseases are also on the rise among the young population. Regular health checkup checks include tests that help you keep these diseases in check and, in many cases, prevent them altogether.

Importance of Regular Medical Checkups in Preventing Diseases

The adage, ‘Prevention is better than Cure,’ has been repetitive. Yet it holds the same grave importance. This single line underlines the importance of regular medical checkups in preventing diseases

Regular health checkup includes benefits as follows:

  • Preventing Sickness: Regular health checkup is essential to keep a check on our health. In a true sense, it helps prevent sickness and not spend valuable time on cure and treatment. In addition, regular medical checkup, especially full body health checkup, is one of the best forms of love and care for yourself and your loved ones. 
  • Early Detection: ‘Early Bird Catches the Mouse.’ Another proverb fits perfectly for showing the importance of health checkups. Early detection of any undesirable change in the body can immensely benefit the treatment procedure because most diseases are curable at an early stage. 
  • Increased Treatment and Cure: Simplest example of increased and better treatment and cure is cancer. Almost half of the cancers worldwide are avoidable and curable when found early. Any disease, whether be it malaria, tuberculosis, etc., has a better chance of curing in the initial phases. Regular health checkup tests are beneficial in uncovering any harmful changes taking place in the body. 
  • Reducing Risk of Complications: When any illness reaches a severe stage, generally, either operations or heavy medications or both are the preferred ways of treatment. Consequently, the risk factor of the body increases with high risk to life and livability. Regular medical checkup becomes inevitable to reduce any complication and health risk. 
  • Longer and Healthy Life: One of the most prevalent and dangerous diseases worldwide is diabetes. Several factors, like obesity, inactive lifestyle, etc., are the causes of increasing cases of diabetes. It almost always leads to life-long medication and treatment. A regular health checkup can essentially help in avoiding threatening diseases like diabetes. 
  • Preventing Costly Medical Services: The price of medical services is skyrocketing these days. Any treatment requires the help of insurance coverage; otherwise, there is a high chance that we can go bankrupt. Consistent regular health checkups are essential if bankruptcy is to be avoided, along with proper health care. 

What is Included in a Regular Health Checkup?

At the basic level, a regular health checkup includes:

  • Medical History Discussion: Generally, the doctor discusses any previous ailments, i.e., medical conditions or the family medical history. 
  • Physical Examination: A general physical examination of your eyes, tongue, and other organs, as required, is performed to identify any unwanted changes in the body.
  • Blood test: Blood is the most vital fluid making the nutrients and oxygen available to all body parts. High cholesterol or high blood sugar is generally checked for any abnormal increases in concentrations.
  • Urine test: The body generally removes waste through the urine. If there is any illness in the body, vital nutrients can also be removed. Additionally, unwanted disease-causing microorganisms can be leaked into the urine, which can be detected, and proper treatment can be provided.
  • A blood pressure reading: Blood pressure reading during regular health checks tells about the heart condition and blood flow through the body. Changes from normal pressure, like high and low blood pressure, increase the risk of a heart attack.
  • Heart rate measurement: Heart rate measurement indicates the amount of pressure on the heart. For example, the heartbeat of an obese person will be higher than average. Even with high blood pressure, the heart beats faster, increasing the risk of cardiac arrest. 

Apart from regular health checkups, there are specialized health checkups explicitly checking for certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. Of course, routine full-body health checkups are essential, but with the increasing rate of cancer and diabetes, additional tests can be made part of your medical checkups. In addition, regular preventive healthcare should include extra tests tailored to men’s or women’s health, such as mammograms or pap smears for breast cancer or PSA screenings for prostate cancer.

General Health Checkup Checklist: Health Checkup at Home

A general health checkup checklist includes simple tips to know your health status at home. The activities listed here include health checkups and keeping a tab on yourself. They are: 

  • Maintaining a Healthy BMI Index.
  • Look out for unusual moles or freckles on the skin.
  • Degree of fatigue after physical activity
  • Changes in normal hunger and diet consumption
  • Blood Pressure Check

Apart from the checkers mentioned above, unusual lumps or swelling are signs and symptoms of cancer. Simple routine self-checkups of testicles for men and breasts for women can help in the early detection of any serious illness. A sharp pain or heavy scrotum is a sign of a diseased testicle, whereas acute pain, heavy breasts, and the feeling of a lump in the breasts are signs of an ill testis or breast and are symptoms of prostate and breast cancer, respectively. 

Best Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences offers the best health checkup packages in Bangalore. The health checkup packages at VIMS cover master and full body health checkups and specialized health checkups like cardiac and cancer checkups, etc. 

Full body checkups in Bangalore can be costly. Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, in the process of healing you, ensures to help you in every way. To make your regular health checkup journey easier, the health checkup packages at VIMS in Bangalore. The full body checkup package price at VIMS does not burn a hole in your pocket. Similarly, the best and most affordable full-body checkup packages in Bangalore are available at Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital.

In case of any queries for cancer checkups, treatment, and care, one can visit the Vydehi Cancer Center.

Best Health Checkup Packages Near You in Bangalore at VIMS&RC 

Following are the health checkup packages near you available at Vydehi Insitute of Medical Sciences, which emphasize complete body health checkup and includes comprehensive men’s and women’s health checkup packages in Bangalore:

  • Master Health Checkup
  • Comprehensive Health Checkup for Men
  • Executive Health Checkup for Men (Below 40 years)
  • Executive Health Checkup for Men (Above 40 years)
  • Comprehensive Health Checkup for Women
  • Executive Health Checkup for Women (Below 40 years)
  • Executive Health Checkup for Women (Above 40 years)

Specialized health checkup packages targeted toward high-risk diseases include: 

  • Cardiac Package
  • Diabetic Package
  • Oncology Package for Men
  • Oncology Package for Women

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is a health checkup important?

Ans: Health checkups are a form of preventive care. The aim of health checkup is early detection and easy cure before any disease reach a level of medical complexity. In addition, health checkups help keep a consistent vigil on the body’s condition and make lifestyle changes as and when required. 

  1. What is the need and importance of health checkups in school?

Ans: Health checkups are essential, especially for children in school, to assess a child’s development. With fast changes in a child’s body, the importance of health checkups in school is quite evident. Along with regular health checkups in the case of a child, particular emphasis is laid on the immunization level, vision, and hearing ability of the child in school.  

  1. What are the most important health checks?

Ans: Age is an essential factor in deciding a vital health check. In the case of most adults, doctors and physicians suggest regular physical examinations, monitoring of body mass index (BMI), skin checks, blood pressure level and cholesterol checks, eye examinations, immunization level, etc.

  1. What health checkups are available at Vydehi Insitute of Medical Sciences?

Ans: Vydehi provides a master health checkup, comprehensive health checkups for men and women irrespective of age, executive health checkups for men and women for all age groups, cardiac health checkup package, diabetic health package, and oncology health checkups for men and women.


The information included here is only for knowledge-sharing purposes, and the blog is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment by a healthcare professional. Every individual needs advice based on diagnosis and evidence, hence the reader should consult their doctor to determine the disease and any treatment must be taken under appropriate medical guidance.

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