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5 Summer Health and Wellness Tips for Students

Summer Health and Wellness Tips for Students

5 Summer Health and Wellness Tips for Students

Summer is the time of the year when children face their exams and have a break from school. 

The summer heat adds stress to the already anxious minds while facing exams. Hence extra care becomes essential when facing exams during summer.

During holidays it is next to impossible to contain the young ones at home since they are filled with energy and looking for ways to burn it. So, it’s inevitable that they go out in the sun and play. Also, playing outside can be healthy for young minds. 

In both scenarios, we should find the right balance and take the necessary precautions to keep the children safe and healthy during the summer.

Our doctors and nutritionists at VIMS&RC have given these five easy-but-vital-to-follow summer health tips to keep children healthy during summer.



Hydration is the Key

As the summer approaches, the body starts to sweat more to maintain its temperature. Performing extra activity during summer – such as playing outdoors, implies excess sweating. Hence, it becomes mandatory to keep yourself hydrated.

Dehydration makes the children feel disoriented and decreases the retention power of the brain. So it can be contradictory for students facing exams. 


Hence, one of the best summer tips is to drink a glass of water every waking hour. You can supplement the water with a dash of lime juice or add coolants like mint or cucumber to change its taste to make it more desirable. 

Remember to carry your lifesaver everywhere you go to avoid dehydration and sunstroke.

Diet and Nutrition Advice

Diet and Nutrition

Another vital factor for a healthy summer is developing a proper diet and nutrition plan for children. Summer demands consuming more liquids than solids. So one of the best eating tips is to keep your summer meals light to make them easily digestible. Avoid snacking on oily foods or drinking carbonated water since they are heavy and require more water and energy to be broken into consumable particles. 

Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

Structure your day to include at least two heavy and four small meals. Breakfast and lunch cater to all your nutrition needs. So make sure to consume balanced meals rich in macronutrients crucial for the body. Include the micronutrients essential for the body in the other four small meals.

A healthy eating tip is to ensure your body has enough fuel to run through the day. Fuel your body with healthy food instead of consuming junk food.


healthy eating habits

Wellness Quotient

Yoga: Healthcare

Summer is not just about eating right and drinking plenty of fluids. Proper exercise and sleep routines are a must in maintaining the overall health and wellness of students. Lack of sleep and physical activity can induce drowsiness which is not beneficial for students facing the exam.


One of the essential wellness and health tips for students during exams is to include an optimum number of breaks in the study routine. These breaks can focus on performing small but meaningful exercises like stretching, which gives the body much-needed respite.

Eye care

Whether the children are going out to play in the sun or sitting with a book studying for long hours for examinations, eye care becomes an essential part of summer care. Our ophthalmologists suggest following these eye care tips to maintain healthy eyes.


eye care

When stepping out in the sun, make sure to wear sunglasses wherever it is required. If children are studying for long hours, focusing on eye exercises during break times can help maintain their eyes sight. 

Developing a healthy lifestyle for students in school becomes essential since the same habits continue into adulthood. The best way to do so is to explain and include your children in planning their day and eating habits so that they understand the whats and why’s of the routine.

The health tips above for a healthy summer hold good for college students as well. Going to college means increased study hours, but one should also focus on getting the right amount of physical activity and sleep. 

Having a balanced life and healthy eating habits can go a long way in cultivating a healthy lifestyle which is the need of the hour.


The information included here is only for knowledge-sharing purposes, and the blog is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment by a healthcare professional. Every individual needs advice based on diagnosis and evidence, hence the reader should consult their doctor to determine the disease and any treatment must be taken under appropriate medical guidance.

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