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Tips to keep Hydrated & Healthy in Summer from Sun Heat

Tips to keep hydrated & Healthy in summer from sun heat 1

Bright sunny days look refreshing and beautiful outside. Everyone longs to go on a warm picnic with friends & family, kids want to spend time on a game of cricket or soccer and many more. But at the same time it can dehydrate our body. And with the temperature soaring higher, it’s important we keep our body hydrated and follow the smart tips for a beautiful skin and healthy lifestyle.

Spending long hours in the sun can do more harm to our body than dehydration. And that’s the reason we should be precautious and limit sun exposure to a minimum level.

There is no doubt that the immediate consequence of heavy exposure in the sunlight is dehydration or the decrease in the level of water in our body. And that results due to excessive sweating especially in the summer season. We know that 75% of our body is composed of water and its decrease will result in many harmful health consequences. Hence, it’s very crucial to keep our body hydrated in the best possible ways

Follow the best 5 tips to hydrate your body this summer-

The Best tips to hydrate your body

Drink Enough Water

The simple and basic rule is to fill up the water that has been excreted by drinking sufficient water. At least 8 glasses of water is necessary for a healthy body, although it totally depends on other factors like medications and other health conditions. So, whenever you step out don’t forget to carry a bottle of water and refill it when it’s all empty.

Stay Away From Caffeine/Alcohol/Sweet Drinks
Yes, you heard it right! You might enjoy sipping 4-5 cups of coffee in the office to stay alert. But, to your surprise it hampers the water level of your body. The same goes for other beverages too. Cold drinks which you seem to enjoy to beat off the heat can do more harm than you realize. Besides adding in the calories it will recede the water contents due to high amounts of sodium and sugar.

Include Veggies And Fruits That Are Higher In Water Content
For people who don’t enjoy sipping enough water can go the other way around. Those nature painted fresh vegetables and fruits like tomato, cucumber, watermelon, papaya, orange, grapefruits and many more are loaded with 90% of water. Therefore, next time enjoy the exotic summer filled with the goodness of nature.

Add Flavours To Your Water
It is quite understandable that many of us dislike the flavour of plain water. As a consequence we might end up dehydrating. But there are varied ways to add more flavours and enjoy it. Simple ingredients like lemon juice, orange, pineapple or cucumber with mint and black salt can do wonders. Have you ever tried it yet?

Schedule Your Outdoor Timings
You tend to sweat the most when you are out in the sun from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm the most. Therefore, make sure you avoid unnecessary outings in the mentioned time period. But, in case it’s unavoidable make sure to carry your water bottle and an umbrella for sure.

ORS Rehydration
The ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt or Solution) drink is an efficient liquid diet to fill up the loss of water. Apart from quenching your thirst from the body, it also energizes and relieves you from dizziness and headaches.
There are ready-made ORS drinks that you can find in the stores. But in case of emergencies you can even prepare at your home. The method is quite simple and easy. Just take a litre of water and mix 6 teaspoons of sugar and half teaspoon of salt in it. And your ORS is ready.

So, it’s important you understand the basic signs of dehydration. Also check out if you or your dear ones are facing such issues and immediately seek medical help.

Dehydration Symptoms

Feeling Thirsty
Fatigue or Feeling Heavily Tired
Dryness In The Mouth
Peeing In Less Quantity
A Change In The Colour Of Urine (Dark Colour)
Dryness In The Mouth

The Basic Symptoms of Dehydration

However, more than this extreme dehydration can result in complicated health issues. Continuous state of dehydration has the capability to cause major damage to your heart and brain.

And the list doesn’t end here too, because lack of water can even inflict your mental and emotional health too.

So, the mild symptoms include the following
Being Moody
Feeling Anxious

People spending long hours under the sun will experience the following major symptoms
Sun Stroke
Sun tan
Skin Cancer due to harmful UV rays

But, relax you can still enjoy the perks of summer with simple easy summer tips. The right summer clothes and summer accessories contribute in keeping your body much cooler and combat the heat.

Gear Up To Enjoy The Heat By Following The Few Simple Summer Cues

Enjoy The Heat By Following The Few Simple Summer Cues

Pick The Right Summer Dress

As the summer heats in switch to light colour and loose clothes- the reason is quite simple and clear. Light or off white colour tends to deflect the heat and keeps your body cooler. While the loose dress will let the body breathe easily- as you can easily sweat it out that aids the body to cool down.

Dark colour clothes and especially black is a complete no in summer. They absorb the heat at a higher rate and though you may like the color, your body will face serious consequences. Hence, keep them in your wardrobe for the winter.

And yes, always consider buying cotton fabric clothes rather than nylon and silk.

Wear Those Cool Sunglasses
The best part of summer is everyone looks chic and stylish. Well, apart from imparting you a cool and fashionable look, sunglasses with UV protected rays protects your eye from the harsh sun rays.

And as per reports of the American Department of Ophthalmology, wearing a sunglass which has the power to defend 100% of UVA and UVB is recommended.

Wide Brimmed Hats
Did I not tell you summer has lots of beautiful sides to enjoy apart from the heat? And here’s one more reason to enjoy the heat. You can see why those sports personalities wear those hats regularly while they are out on the field. The reason here is obvious- it protects them from the sunlight on the sensitive parts of the body i.e the face and necks.
Moreover, it prevents your skin from wrinkles and suntan that may do harmful damage to your skin. Hence, this summer make those stylish hats an integral part of your summer outings.

High SPF(Sun Protection Factor) Sunscreen Lotion
While enjoying the sunbathe on the beach is quite fun, but make sure you don’t miss out on applying a handy amount of sunscreen. More than that make sure you apply an SPF lotion of around 30 to 50 and water resistant too.

Make Umbrellas Your BFF
Sunny or rainy, never leave your umbrellas. And, UV protected umbrellas are more popular now and they ease out your summer trips while sheltering you from the harsh sun rays. Imagine you forgetting your umbrellas and the temperature soaring higher. For sure, no one wants to walk those miles under the sun sweating and getting tanned. Hence, always remember to have them in your bags always.

Don’t Forget The Lip Balms With SPF
Yes, lips are a sensitive part of our skin and many of us miss out on taking care of this important part of our face. A good quality lip balm with higher SPF won’t only protect your lips but also keeps them moisturized. Moreover, it’s light and easy to insert in your pockets and apply it every now and then for a glossy & shiny lips.

Who Are The People More Prone to Heat Illness?
Sports Personalities
Farm Workers
Military Personnels
Construction Workers

And What Are The Measures They Should Abide By?
As the job demands there is no escape from the environment they are set to employ in. However, there’s always a way to prevent the harmful effects of the sun as mentioned earlier.

Since, now you know these cool summer hacks, get ready to welcome the heat with a bang. And don’t miss out on the summer fun with your friends and family. Just grab those water bottles, sunscreen lotion, the cool hats and an umbrella to hit the summer right. And, in case of any major complication immediately seek medical help.

1. How much amount of water should an adult drink?
Generally, wellness experts recommend 8 glasses of water which is equivalent to 2 litres of water.

2. Can we consider being thirsty as the first sign of dehydration?
Yes, if you are feeling thirsty often then it is a mild symptom of dehydration.

3. Should I completely avoid caffeine and alcohol to avoid dehydration?
Yes, drinks higher in caffeine and alcohol lead to dehydration and you must avoid or limit its consumption.

4. Are heat related illnesses permanent/temporary?
Complications that arise due to extreme heat exposures are generally temporary. Unless, you are affected by a heat stroke which can lead to death if not attended for medical help instantly.

5. How many glasses of water should a child drink?
It depends on different age groups.
Children between 1-3 years- 2 to 4 cups of water
4 to 8 years kids- 5 cups of water
9 to 13 years kids- 7 cups of water

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Disclaimer: The information included here is only for knowledge sharing purposes, and the blog is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment by a healthcare professional. Because individual needs appropriate advice, the reader should consult their doctor to determine the appropriate disease depending on their situation.

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