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Facts and Tips on Eye and Care

tips on eye and care

Just imagine a vision free life. You can’t right? Eyes are such an important part of the body and caring for them is thus equally important. We’re aren’t aware that sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we make our eyes suffer. Here is a rundown of a few facts and some eye care tips to help you keep your vision safe. Let us first run through some facts and then a few tips on eye care.

Sunglasses and Spectacles are good for eyes – There has been a myth that wearing spectacles for a long span affects eyes adversely. This is not at all true, spectacles are good for your eyes and only help in improving your vision and not degrading it.

Smoking is bad for your eyes – Yes, the fact is smoking is responsible for increasing macular degeneration. Smoking harms the blood vessels of the optic nerve as well as the retina and damages it. In a long run, it can also result in loss of eyesight.

Non-removal of Eye makeup is harmful – These days girls use a lot of eye makeup accessories that include eyelash volumizers, eyeliner, mascara, etc. As per reports of experts, eye makeup can get into the eye layers and harm them. It is therefore important to remove all makeup after use and use antibiotic drops for eye protection.

Protect your eyes from the PC/ Laptop – As our lifestyle has changed predominantly in the last decade or so, with most of the work being done on PCs/ laptops, eye protection becomes an ever concerning issue. We tend to spend most of our day on the PC or laptop and hence our eyes are put at risk. As per experts, it’s ideal to give your eyes some rest every couple of hours to avoid straining and vision blurring issues. The resting process includes shutting your eyes every half an hour to forty-five minutes for a few minutes, moisturizing them, and lubricating them as well.

Do not wear lenses while asleep – It’s a really bad idea to sleep with your eye lenses on. Doing this repeatedly can cost you your vision. So, remove lenses every night and soak them in a disinfectant. Also, while wearing them be careful to touch them with clean hands and store them in a clean case as well.

Eyes are not forever – Caring for your eyes is important, yes it is, but we need to remember that eye issues are going to occur as and when we age and at some point in time we all need to do a cataract surgery mostly. But, with proper eye care, you can definitely prolong that time and have good healthy eyesight for longer years.

Well, stay outdoors, with nature, keep your eyes clean and lubricate them, moisturize them and protect them with sunshades and spectacles and keep them working efficiently for you for a long long time.

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