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Some Signs that could Hint an underlying life Threatening Condition

In these times when work, career and Ka- ching has taken a priority and health has taken a back seat for most of us we tend to ignore health bigtime.  There are some signals that our body gives us to let us know that something is seriously wrong somewhere inside and needs a check. Many a times with the busy schedules we have, we tend to ignore these symptoms and end up paying a hefty price later on. To save nine, you have to have a stitch in time. So, do not ignore symptoms those you feel are something you’ve never experienced before or symptoms that keep coming back. The famous actress Sonali Bendre was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer and she herself accepted that she did not take the recurring niggling pain seriously and avoided going for screening. By the time she went for a check, the diagnosis revealed cancer of the metastatic stage.

Consistent Fatigue – Fatigue does occur when you are tired but if you experience fatigue on a regular basis, a good idea is to check it up with your physician.

Severe Headache – You may get head-aches at times and that does not mean it is anything serious but if you get a sudden headache out of the blue and it is severe, it may mean that some blood vessel is burst in the brain and could be life-threatening.

One Eye Blindness – This is a symptom of stroke and needs immediate action. It occurs when the oxygen supply to the brain is disrupted and affects only one side of the body and not both.

Shortness of Breath – This occurs when there is a panic attack or anxiety attack. It could clot a lung artery or cause any other cardiovascular issues.

Unexplained Weight Loss – This symptom could mean an overactive thyroid gland, liver disease or even cancer.

Persistent Cough – A persistent cough could mean pneumonia and coughing blood could signal an infection. It might not necessarily mean lung cancer always.

Vomiting – If you vomit regularly after eating, it can be an indication of stomach cancer. The other reason for persistent vomiting could be food poisoning or gall bladder disease.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above-said symptoms, then it is high time that you pay some serious heed to it and go and meet up a physician. It might be nothing life-threatening but to be sure from your side.

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