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Prevent Cancer By Including These 5 Spices In Your Diet

Well, there has been quite a development over the years in the field of cancer, but what could be better than doing stuff that helps you keep away from it? Cancer is one of those medical conditions that is still under the process of finding a sure shot cure. Though India houses some of the best cancer hospitals, treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, cell transplant and more are simply ways of fighting against the dreaded cancerous cells, stopping their manifold growth and increasing life span. There are numerous people in the world living with the condition and many who have succumbed to it. Well, going by the saying, Prevention is better than cure, lets talk about some simple Indian spices (yes, you read that right) that play a significant role in lowering the risk of different types of cancers in humankind.

Here’s listing out 5 Indian spices, a regular addition of which in food can lower the risk of cancer to an extent, as per studies.

saffron helps prevent cancer1. SAFFRON – It’s rightly said that size does not matter and Saffron proves this saying perfectly. This little thing has the ability to decrease the tumor size to half. Amazing and true as it contains the primary cancer fighting element known as Crocetin. It is a natrual carotenoid dicarboxylic acid primarily responsible for fighting cancer. It offcourse is most expensive of the spices, but is power packed with cancer killing cells.

2. TURMERIC – it is a hoturmeric-Ausehold name in India for centuries now. Every spice box in an Indian home has a permant place for this spice. The haldi milk whenever one has cold or cough is a common houseremedy with grand mommies. True to its name, it’s also the fore runner when it comes to fighting cancerous cells. Studies have already proved that turmeric has the ability to retard the growth of cells causing various cancers like melanoma, brain tumor, prostate cancer, leukamia, pancreatic cancer and more. It contains Polyphenol Curcumin that kills the cancer breeding cells, while preserving the healthy ones and thereby boosting Apoptosis (cell suicide). In treatment procedures like Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, even the healthy cells are harmed with the cancerous ones causing probable side-effects.

3. CINNAMON – This spice hcinnamonas found its way through the Indian spice ecosystem to the homes ofIndians and is extensively used in many Indian gourmet preparations. Known to enhance the flavor of every dish it is a part of, a teaspoonful of this spice per day in your diet is enough to keep the cancer creating cells at bay. It actually blocks the new cells from forming, thereby reducing tumorous growth. Now, adding it to your diet is no big deal, just sprinkle some on your breakfast creations like pancakes or start your day with cinammon flavored tea. Easy ain’t it.

Fennel-4. FENNEL – Fennel consists of a consitutent called Anethole, responsible for fighting and curbing the invasive activities of cancerous cells. It’s arsenal is made of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients just enough to defeat the deadly cancerous cells. Furthermore, it cuts off the the enzymatic regulated activities responsible for multiplication of cancer cells.

cumin-Ab5. CUMIN – Loaded with Thymoquinone, a coumpund that restricts the reproduction of cells responsible for prostate cancer, cumin is one soldier of a spice against cancer besides being full of anti-oxidants and aiding digestion.

Now that you are aware of the 5 spices that are your soldiers against cancer, include them in your regular diet and do your bit to stay away from cancer.

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