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Mouthwash And Its Effects On Exercise


Recent research has proved that an antibacterial mouthwash can effect in reducing the effects of cardiovascular benefits in exercise. Now, exercise helps in managing the blood pressure of the body. But, mouthwash affects the bacteria present in the mouth in such a way that it interferes with the blood pressure managing the complex mechanism of the body in a negative way.

Many of us aren’t really aware of the role of mouth bacteria in our overall health. There have been studies that have proved that there has been a connection between bacteria and the risk of esophageal cancer or gum disease. Studies have even shown that mouth bacterium can be responsible for affecting respiratory health and colorectal tumors as well. Now, this recent research is about their role in getting cardiovascular benefits from exercise.

scientists know that when you exercise the blood vessels open up due to the increase in production levels of Nitric oxide resulting in vasodilation or diameter increase in blood vessels. Further, it also increases the blood flow circulation of active muscles.

The Nitric oxide breaks down into Nitrate and further initiates the circular molecular reaction that in turn results in managing the lowering effects of exercise on blood pressure. The research done in the past 10 years shows that the salivary glands absorb the nitrate and the saliva excretes it. There are certain bacteria in the mouth that have the ability to convert this important molecule – nitrate into nitrite thus leading to increased production of nitric oxide inside the body.

The study carried out by Bescos’s team included 23 healthy adults who exercised in two acute bouts. The participants ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes. The researching team monitored the blood pressure for 2 hours.

The participants also rinsed their mouths using a mint-flavored anti-bacterial mouth wash after 1 sec, 30s minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes of the run. Even the saliva samples were collected from the participants before and after two hours of exercising.

The study found that there was an average reduction of 5.2 mg of mercury in systolic blood pressure after exercising for 1 hour. In contrast to the same when the participants rinsed their mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash.

The result shows that the use of mouth wash leads to a reduction in the blood pressure by 60% after exercise within the first hour and furthermore after 2 hours canceled it entirely.

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