Hydrogen-enriched water is loaded with health benefits that include inflammation and wrinkle reduction, aiding in metabolizing glucose and fat faster. To take advantage of these benefits you need to drink only two glasses of hydrogen-rich water or 500ml as compared to studies that say that our body requires 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Here is a rundown of some of the major health benefits that Hydrogen-rich water provides –

Protects your Brain – Our brain gets damaged due to several reasons like stroke, surgery, or oxidative stress over time. Hydrogen-rich water consumption protects you against the neurological damage that is caused due to any such brain injury.

Improves Fat and Glucose Metabolism – Studies and research carried out on rats have revealed that hydrogen-rich water improves glucose metabolism and fat in people suffering from type 2 diabetes as well. Furthermore it effects are also found on cholesterol, fatty liver, and obesity.

Prevents Bone loss and Osteopenia – Alkaline or hydrogen-enriched water helps in maintaining the PH in your blood without much of a use of magnesium and calcium stores in the bones and muscles. It thus helps in retaining the minerals and proteins inside the bone tissue, ultimately preventing bone loss and osteopenia, a condition caused to the reduction of the same.

Works well against Inflammation – A research experiment conducted on mice revealed that drinking hydrogen-rich water relieved the mice suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Another other study also proved that it could relieve lung inflammation, liver disease and specifically help the asthmatic condition.

Eases Cancer Treatment Radiations side effects – Radiation therapy on A study on cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy showed that patients drinking two quarts of hydrogen-rich water every day over six weeks showed lower blood levels of oxidative markers and thus better quality of life compared to tap water drinkers undergoing therapy.

Well, the data available on the long-term benefits of hydrogen is not much but primary studies do indicate that hydrogen-rich water could certainly help, considering the benefits mentioned.

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