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Cerebral Palsy – Risk Factors And More

Cerebral Palsy

It is not one condition but a group of conditions that affects the balance, posture, and movement of an individual. The cause of cerebral palsy is generally associated with brain damage during birth or in the early years. Apparently, doctors haven’t been able to figure out the exact cause of brain damage during CP, but few reasons and risk factors are listed below –

  1. Blood flow issues to important organs of the body

  2. Bleeding in the brain when the baby is in the womb

  3. Genetic conditions

  4. Brain injury

  5. Seizures at birth or in the first month after birth

Risk Factors at Pregnancy include

  1. Thyroid gland issues or health issues like seizures

  2. Consumption of toxic substances like mercury that is found in a few fishes

  3. Having RH diseases, meaning blood not compatible with that of the baby

  4. Multiple pregnancies, twins, triplets, or more

  5. Infections like German measles, Rubella, Herpes, or chickenpox during pregnancy

Risk Factors at child Birth include

  1. Head Position – If the child is not in the head first position but is in the feet first position, the risk is involved.

  2. Premature Birth – If the baby is born any time before the completion of 37 weeks

  3. Delivery Complications – If there are complications during the labor and delivery concerning your baby’s circulatory system and breathing.

Risk factors due to Infections in Babies

  1. Severe Jaundice – It is caused due to excessive bilirubin accumulation in the blood

  2. Bacterial Meningitis –It leads to swelling of tissues around the spinal cord and brain swelling as well

  3. Viral Encephalitis – It also leads to swelling in the brain and spinal cord tissues

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