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Cold Winter
Winter is the season for cozy fires, hot cocoa, and snuggling under blankets with a book or loved one. It’s also the season for hibernation-like behaviors that can have some positive effects on your health and mood. The hibernation season brings a lot of joy to people because of the holidays. It is a great...
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Skin Care
Winter has arrived, and your skin feels dry, rough, and scaly. Worrying isn’t it!! Do you know it’s not only the cold weather but also the lack of hydration, lack of nutrients, not wearing winter protection clothing, etc., harming your skin? Here we will be discussing some of the natural ways and some daily routines...
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Food Allergy causes, symptoms, treatment, immune system
Do you like milk? Or are you one of those who prepared a list of reasons just to avoid the consumption of milk? Do you feel diarrhea after eating those wheat Rotis? How about the tasty time-pass snack peanuts? In one way or another, the aroma, the brilliant colors, or the flavors of the dish...
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Identifying and Mitigating Anxiety and Depression Issues
Do you feel like your anxiety and depression issues are flaring up? Or do you lack enthusiasm for once-fun hobbies or feel disheartened, despondent, restless, or overwhelmed? If you are experiencing any of these destructive emotions, it’s time to seek the help of a medical professional.  Two of the most prevalent mental health conditions that affect people...
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Consequences of Air pollution on Human health
Air Pollution Air Pollution in today’s world makes it difficult for us to breathe pure, clean air. Strangely, we are now on a quest to look for a planet similar to earth despite the fact that ours is said to be the only planet where living things can live. Because of the numerous human activities...
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Sleeping Problem
Do you get a good night’s sleep? Do you wake up feeling fresh and active? Or is it quite the opposite? Most people in today’s age of technological evolution are losing their connection to sleep. Staying awake for long hours, falling asleep at work or school, or feeling tired and irritated throughout the day are...
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Chronic Common Lung Infections in India
A human can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, and only three minutes without air. The ability to breathe is thus of utmost importance, making the lungs an indispensable part of the human body. The lungs are a pair of inverted-pyramid-shaped spongy, air-filled organs on either side of the chest. It helps...
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Spondylosis, Strained spine… or is it fine?
If you were asked to imagine a chair, on which, a bowl of junk food, an aerated drink, and some processed foods are kept, which among these would you say is the most unhealthy? Did you say processed food? No, you are wrong… now you are in dilemma between aerated drink and street food right? Picking...
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Malady, despite sounding poetic, is completely different from Melody. We love the melody like the pitter-patter of the rains, but the maladies or diseases that accompany the monsoon showers, we are better off without. Although it is great fun to play and dance in the rain, we are often unaware of the fact that the...
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