Renowned Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Durgaprasad Reddy wins the Maharashtra Gaurav Award 2022 - VIMS

Renowned Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Durgaprasad Reddy wins the Maharashtra Gaurav Award 2022

Dr Durgaprasad Reddy, stalwart Cardiothoracic surgeon, receives Maharashtra Gaurav Award from industrial minister

Industrial Minister Shubhash Desai hands over the Maharashtra Gaurav award to cardio thoracic surgeon Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy for his significant contribution to the development of the healthcare sector.

On April 27th, 2022, the minister handed over the prestigious Maharashtra Gaurav award to the renowned doctor, wishing new achievements in the yearly gala event organized by Maharashtra Times with the Times Interact team. The award ceremony was attended by the top leaders of the Indian corporate world and leading entrepreneurs.

Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy thanked the honourable minister and other dignitaries for high appreciation, bearing in mind the award for the assessment of not only his work but also that of his entire medical team.

Recognized for more than two decades of cardiac care across India, Dr. Reddy has also been attributed for inventing newer techniques in his field for the welfare of his patients. The distinguished surgeon has performed over 15,000 cardiac surgeries (on adult and child patients) & performed many successful heart and lung transplants in his career. In addition, the surgeon has proven his expertise in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and given hope for survival and a better quality of life to those babies born with congenital heart disease.

With extensive knowledge in Valve Repair, Coronary Artery Disease, and Congenital Abnormalities, the profound doctor has served humankind for over 23 years. Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy has conducted more than 1600 health camps in various states of India. The specialist surgeon has also set up free screening camps internationally in Sudan, Somalia, and Nigeria.

Dr. Reddy has been associated with Vydehi hospital since 2004. He is currently the Chairman of the MEC (Medical Excellence Committee) at the Vydehi group of institutions. He also heads the Vydehi institute of cardiac sciences at Vydehi institute of medical sciences, the leading medical institute providing education and health care services of truly global standards in Bengaluru. Furthermore, the diligent cardio thoracic surgeon serves as the Director at Dalvkot Wound Care Center and Vydehi super specialty hospital, Bengaluru. Correspondingly Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy has to his credit, many research publications. In addition to caring for patients, he has organized many workshops for residents and fellow young doctors who want to be the heart surgeons of the future. He has been invited as a guest speaker at various national and international conferences. The renowned doctor has been felicitated at numerous national and international awards ceremonies.

Born and brought up in Chennai, Dr. Reddy has completed his education in Tamil Nadu. Apart from being a successful and busy doctor, the philanthropist doctor also takes up his responsibilities toward society. Many of his social services activities include donating free heart valves to the poor patients every month, providing lands for free to the poor for cultivation, and building roads, street lamps, and water installations, in many villages. He has also constructed temples.