Community Outreach Programs and Services in Vydehi Hospital

Outreach Programs

Community Medicine

The department of Community Medicine deals with both healthy and diseased people in the community. The goal of the department is to have a healthy society. With regard to this preventive and promotive care along with early diagnosis and treatment of diseases is stressed. Health awareness programmes are conducted in villages, schools, angawadis to promote healthy lifestyle.

Emphasis is on good nutrition, physical activity, including healthy habits, prevention of drug abuse, promoting small family norm to improve the standard of living among underprivileged people especially in rural and urban slums.

Health awareness programmes are also conducted for IT companies regarding healthy lifestyle, prevention of diseases and screening programmes done for early diagnosis of diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and coronary heart diseases.
Screening programmes are carried out on elderly people in rural and urban slums too for early detection of their problems e.g. cataract, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer and Dental problems and they are referred to VIMS & RC or Vids Accordingly for further evaluation and ophthalmology department for surgery and thus helping in restoration of sights.

Under school health awareness programmes the children gain knowledge on topics such as personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, deleterious effects of drugs, prevention of STDs and AIDS. In school health check-up, the children are screened for any health problems e.g. refractive error, anemia, helminthiasis and given treatment according to the condition.

Anganwadi health check-ups are carried out to assess nutritional and health status of under 5 children and detect diseases for referral and treatment to VIMS & RC. Health check-ups are also done for antenatal mothers and postnatal mothers and family planning advice given.

Urban Health Training

Training in Community Medicine begins in the first year of MBBS and goes up to Internship. The course content is taught through Theory Classes, Practical Classes, Family Study, Clinico-Social Case Study, Field Visits, Project Work, Seminars and Tutorials. Importance is given to participatory learning. During family study and field visits students are taken to the community where they interact with the people and try to understand their health problems at grass root level and the factors that have contributed to the same.

Rural Health Training Centers

The main Rural Health Training Centre is situated at Kannamangala. This comes under Avalahalli PHC. It caters to a population of 41732. Services provided at RHTC includes out patient care and 24 hours inpatient care with delivery facilities. The center has also implemented the various National Health Programmes in this area. Specialists from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre provides consultation at rural centre.

There are rural health training centres in Mallasandra and Kalkunte also catering to a population of 42,950 and 27,080 respectively. The interns and students together with the Assistant Professor, post graduates, Health Inspectors and Social workers provide comprehensive health care to the community at these field practice areas.

Specialist Health Camps

Specialist health camps are conducted on a regular basis in the surrounding villages and urban slums of the college. A total of 95 camps have been conducted in the past year and over 10,000 people have been screened for health problems at these camps. Fortnightly camps are also conducted at Kannamangala where on an average 200 patients are seen by specialists of various departments. Patients requiring further treatment are referred and treated for free at Vydehi Hospital.

Comprehensive School Health Programme

The department conducts regular school health programs where all school children are evaluated for various health problems like visual abnormalities, vitamin deficiency, dental diseases, mental diseases and skin diseases. The children at these camps are referred to Vydehi Hospital for any further treatment. 12 government schools and 2 private schools have been covered under this programme and a total of 3900 children have been screened by Assistant Professors, Post Graduates, Interns and social workers of the college in 2015-16. Regular health education programmes are conducted during the follow up visits.

Health Checkups / Health Packages
  • Health Check-up for villager through camps.
  • ANW Check-ups for under five children and Antenatal check-ups, Postnatal check-ups.
  • School health check-ups for Govt & private school is RHTC Kannamangala

Sl No Name of the item No.
1 Lactometer 2
2 Hydrometer 3
3 Hygrometer 3
4 Incubator electric 1
5 Museum jars 72
6 Models, Charts, diagrams 98
7 Balance for weighing food stuff capacity 2 kg 1
8 Centrifuge 1
9 Adult Weighing Machine 2
10 Salter’s baby weighing machine 1
11 Height Measuring stand 1
12 Aquaguard 1
13 Refrigerator 1
14 Ice lined refrigerator(ILR) 1
15 Dissecting Microscope 7
16 Microscope oil immersion 3
17 VCR 1
18 Autoclave 1
19 SteriliZer electric 2
20 Computer with internet & printer 2
21 Statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 1
22 EPI INFO Package 1
23 EGRET Package 1
24 ICD 10 Software 1
25 Overhead projector 2
26 Gerbers Tube 2
27 Horrock’s Apparatus 1
28 Conical Flask 6
29 BOD Bottles with Stopper ( 8 oz) 12
30 Vehicles Transport ( RHTC. UHC) 2