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Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, Treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. Prosthodontics is the dental specialty focusing on the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. Prosthodontists collaborate with general dentists, specialists and other health care professionals to develop solutions to complex restorative dental needs of the patient.

Prosthesis is an artificial replacement for an absent part of the human body. It’s a therapeutic device to improve or alter function or a device used to aid in accomplishing a desired surgical result. Functional teeth or dental substitutes help to maintain general health and well being. Proper mastication of food is essential, especially as you grow older. The inability to properly and thoroughly chew food may result in poor nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, health compromises and a loss of the quality of life. Much more than a necessity, dining is a fundamental social function which grows in importance as we age. To be able to eat without the embarrassment or pain associated with poor-fitting dentures or poorly constructed dental prostheses is a major goal of Prosthodontic treatment.

The role of the Prosthodontist has become critical in maintaining the standard of care that our elder population needs to provide optimum dental function and aesthetics.

A Prosthodontist offers care for patients who have missing teeth, have congenital defects, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), problems arising from trauma and neglect, or significant damage to their existing teeth. The department can aid in the rehabilitation of a complete dentition or merely in the replacement of one or two teeth.

With the advent of dental implants as a viable means of replacing teeth, the Prosthodontists role has expanded, with a reserve of treatment options only dreamed of in years prior.

We at Vydehi institute of dental sciences, strive to reach the above goals as a team.

We cater to the needs of various age groups [varying from 18- 80 years….. The various treatments rendered in our department are

Complete Denture Prosthesis
The treatment for totally missing teeth patients is done with utmost care and with best materials. We provide a variety of material choices depending on the requirement of the case. Replacement of single arch is also done in the form of Single Complete Denture.

Removable partial dentures
This treatment is carried out for patients who have few missing teeth. These are removable dentures that take support from the adjacent teeth. Deals with the replacement of missing teeth using a removable artificial substitute that can readily be removed by the patient. These are usually done by the students under the guidance of the qualified doctors.

These are done in patients where two healthy teeth are present. These teeth are used to improve the fit, comfort and function of the dentures. This particular treatmentis exclusively done by the qualified doctors and is nominally charged.

Immediate dentures
As the name suggests these dentures are given immediately after extraction of the teeth. The prosthesis is fabricated before the extraction and placed immediately afterthe tooth is extracted. This is done for people who cannot be without teeth at all, like, socially active people or for psychological reasons. This involves more tedious work and is also nominally charged, and undertaken by qualified doctors in this field.

Fixed partial dentures (crowns and bridges)
This deals with the replacement of missing teeth using fixed artificial substitutes that remain fixed either to the adjacent teeth or to dental implants. This treatmentis carried out for patients who have one or few missing teeth, root canal treated tooth, badly broken down tooth, discolored tooth. The various treatments rendered are cap/ crown for root canal treated tooth, bridge for one or few teeth missing.

Full mouth rehabilitation
This is done for the cases which require treatment for all the teeth. The treatment is done by qualified and experienced doctors. Materials used for this treatment are metal, metal ceramic and metal-free ceramic. The treatment is done with a very nominal fee and requires 3 to 10 working days depending on the choice of material and thecomplexity of the situation.

Aesthetic rehabilitation
We have facility to render aesthetic treatment like laminates, ceramic crowns, closure of spaces, and correction of discoloration and smile designing. Smile designing involves a scientific and artistic approach to changing the smile of the patient to suit his/ her facial needs.

Maxillofacial prosthesis
This deals with the replacement of missing teeth and associated structures of the upper and/ or lower jaw using a removable/ semi fixed/ fixed artificial substitute that aims at rehabilitating the patient who has lost facial structures (eye, ear, nose, etc) due to trauma / surgery.

Implant prosthesis
Prosthodontists are at the forefront of dental implantology, concentrating on the preservation of a healthy mouth, the creation of tooth replacements and dynamic smiles. Dental implants are the most advanced form of replacing missing teeth that dentistry has to offer today. These are small titanium screws that are inserted into areas ofmissing teeth in order to provide a tooth like substitute

The Prosthodontic faculty requires a strong and well equipped laboratory support for the various treatments rendered. We have state-of-the-art facilities spanning the entire spectrum of clinical, acrylic, metal and ceramic lab facilities.

Clinical Facilities
  • Electrical Dental Chairs and Units
  • Articulators – Semi adjustable
  • Airotor & Airmotor Handpieces
  • Micromotor – (Lab Type)
  • Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Light Cure
  • Hot Air oven
  • Autoclave
  • Surveyor
  • X-ray viewer
Acrylic and Ceramic Lab for Prosthetics
  • Plaster Dispenser
  • Model Trimmer with Carborandum Disc
  • Model Trimmer with Diamond Disc
  • Lathe
  • Vibrator
  • Acrylizer
  • Dewaxing Unit
  • Mechanical Press
  • Vacuum Mixing machine
  • Micro motor lab type
  • Curing pressure pot
  • Pressure molding machine
  • Duplicator
  • Pindex System
  • Burn-out furnace
  • Welder
  • Sandblaster (micro & macro)
  • Dewaxing Furnace
  • Induction Casting Machine with Vacuum pump, capable of casting Chrome Cobalt, precision Metal
  • Programmable Porcelain Furnace with Vacuum pump
  • Spot Welder
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Spindle Grinder
  • Wax Heater
  • Magnifying Work Lamp
  • Heavy duty lathe with suction
  • Dry model Trimmer (Palatal)
  • Die cutting machine
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Ceramic Furnace
  • Ceramic Kit (instruments)
  • Implant Kit
  • Prosthetic Components

The various treatment, appointment, days required by the staff/students are mentioned below, this will benefit the patient to time their appointment for the required treatment they want.

1 Complete denture (by students & interns) 8-10 days 6-7
2 Removable partial denture (by students & interns) 7 days 2-4 depending on the case
3 Complete denture (by staff) 5 days 5
4 Removable partial denture (by staff) 2-4 days 2-4 depending on the case
5 Over dentures (by staff) 10-15 days 8
6 Immediate partial denture 2 days 2
7 Immediate complete denture 5 days 5
8 Obturator: surgical 2 days 1
9 Repair of dentures 1 days 1
10 Relining / rebasing of dentures 2 days 2
11 Splints 2 days 2
12 Full metal (ni -cr) (c & b) 7 days 3
13 Ceramic facing with metal backing (c & b) 7 days 3
14 Porcelain fused to metal (c & b) 7 days 3
15 Post and core 1-2 days followed by crown 1-prefabricated 2-cast post
16 Heat cure acrylic crown 3 days, not preferred much 2
17 Clinical tooth preparation (lab work outsourced) 7-10 days, depending on the lab 3
18 Maxillo facial prosthesis 2-4 depending on the case 2-4 depending on the case
19 Implant (prosthodontic phase) 6-8 months depending on the case 4

Treatments Cost

As this is a teaching institution, the amount collected for all the procedures are nominal and cost effective.
List of services and treatment charges are as follows:

1 Consultation Free
2 Complete denture (by students & interns) Free
3 Removable partial denture (by students & interns) Free
4 Complete denture (by staff) 1000
5 Removable partial denture (by staff) 100 / arch
6 Over dentures (by staff) 2000
7 Immediate partial denture 200 / arch
8 Immediate complete denture 500 / arch
9 Obturator 200
10 Repair of dentures 2 days
11 Relining / rebasing of dentures 100 / arch
12 Splints 200
13 Full metal (ni -cr) (c & b) 500 / unit
14 Ceramic facing with metal backing (c & b) 750 / unit
15 Porcelain fused to metal (c & b) 1000 / unit
16 Post and core 250
17 Cementation (permanent luting cement) 100
18 Heat cure acrylic crown 150
19 Clinical tooth preparation (lab work outsourced) 500 / tooth
20 Maxillo facial prosthesis 200 to 2000
21 Implant treatment [single implant] 12000-15000

As we carry out various procedures and as well as teach and train the students in their preclinical and clinical work, we have divided the treatment schedule for the convenience of the patient, staff and the student accordingly.

  • For the patient with completely missing teeth it’s always better for them to come in the morning from 9-1pm.
  • For the removable partial denture cases, i.e one or few missing teeth the schedule is in the afternoon.
  • All the work done by the staff will be appointment based and usually carried out in the morning.
  • The entry of all the patient’s check up done will be made in the out patient register and any appointment given for the further treatment will be entered in the appointment register.