Oral Medicine | Dental Hospital Bangalore

Oral Medicine & Radiology

It is the speciality of Dentistry which is primarily concerned with:

  • Diagnosis and non surgical medical management of ulserative, vesicolobullous lesions, pre malignant lesions oral cancer and salivary gland disorders.
  • Non surgical management of medically related disorders conditions affecting oral and maxillofacial region.
  • Oral care of medically complex patients receiving treatment for cancer, Diabetes, Infectious disease etc.,
  • Diagnosis, conservative management of temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain conditions.
    Investigations of etiology and pharmacologic management of oral diseases.
  • Research, clinical experience, evidence based results are integrated to aid in comprehensive diagnosis, and management of oral diseases which do not respond to conventional dental treatment.
  • Oral Management of Hospitalised patients with severe systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and patients with malignancies.
  • Management of pharmacotherapeutics necessary for treatment of oral and systemic diseases.
  • Routine dental check up
  • Necessary investigations’ are advised to aid in diagnosis and further treatment
  • Biopsies are carried out (incisional, excisonal, FNAC, brush biopsy, punch biopsy)
  • Pulp vitality test are done
  • Neuro sensory evaluation is done
  • Orofacial pain clinic- providing the following services:
  1. Head and neck cancer pain management
  2. Conservative management of temporomandibular joint disorders
  3. Management of odontogenic and non odontogenic orofacial pain
  4. Trigger point injections and nerve blocks for pain management
  • Oral precancerous and cancer screening
  1. Intra oral radiographs taken
  2. Intra oral periapical radiographs
  3. Bite wing radiographs
  4. Occlusal radiographs
  • Extraoral radiovisiography using computer
  • For hospitalized patients required dental assistance is provided

The department of Oral medicine & Radiology is well equipped according to the Dental Council of India’s specifications.

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology has :
  • 15 dental chairs ( 8 chairs attachments and 7 chairs out attachments)
  • Sufficient number of diagnostic instruments.
  • Illuminated mouth mirror & probe.
  • Intra oral camera
  • Biopsy kit (incisional, exasional, FNAC, punch and brush biopsy kits)
  • Pulp tester
  • Neurosensory evaluation kits
  • Emergency medical kits
  • 2 Intra oral periapical X-ray units
  • One orthopantamograph unit (OPG) digital compatibility
  • One RVG (Radio Visiography)- Kodak trophy
  • 2 Computers
  • Well equipped dark room
  • Automatic processor for Intra oral X-ray films
  • X-ray film drier
  • Viewers for bolts Intra oral and extra oral X-ray films
  • Lead container for X-ray film storage
  • 3 lead screens, 2 pairs of lead gloves, aprons & thyroid collars.

Strict asepsis is maintained using autoclane, sterilizer, cold sterilizators ( korsoles, Bacillol, Sterillium) and personal barrio techniques.