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Comprehensive Health Check for Men

1. Hematology & Biochemistry
- CBC, ESR, Peripheral Smear
- Blood Group Identification and RH Typing
- Lipid Profile
- Blood Urea
- Serum Creatinine
- Serum Uric Acid
- Serum Electrolytes
- Liver Function Test
- Free T3
- Free T4
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin D

2. Tumor Marker
3. Serology
- HBSAG (Rapid Card Test)
4. Urine Examination
- Routine and Microscopy
5. Radiology
- Chest X-ray
- Ultrasound - Abdomen and Pelvis

6. Cardiac
- Resting ECG
- 2D Echo/Treadmill as advised by the Physician

7. Skeletal
- Bone Density Test
8. Ophthalmology
- Eye Screening
9. Physician Consultation
10.Nutritionist Consultation

  • Kindly take appointments a day or more in advance. Please report for the checkup promptly between 8:00 am to 8:30 am on the day of the test.
  • If you have to undergo a fasting blood sugar test overnight fasting of 10-12 hours is required to get accurate test results. During this period you may drink plain water in any comfortable quantity.
  • If you have any medications to be taken on empty stomach, you may take it with plain water.
  • If fasting blood sugar sample has to be assessed, please do not take medicines for Diabetes on an empty stomach when you come for the checkup.
  • Please bring all your earlier medical reports and prescriptions along with your regular medicines.
  • Please inform the Heath Checkup counter if you are a cardiac, a diabetic patient or having other medical conditions.
  • You may be required to change your clothes frequently for various tests. Loose fitting casual clothes and easy slip-on footwear are preferable.
  • A break from smoking and consuming alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours before the checkup is a must.
  • Complementary standard breakfast will be provided for people undergoing executive health check, comprehensive health check, diabetic package and cardiac package.
  • Opinion and advice will be given by the consultant physician based on the standard tests in the package. Any additional tests/consultation recommended by the physician will be performed and charged extra.

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Comprehensive Health Check for Men