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Eye Donation

Contact person
Dr Narendra P Datti
MBBS, MS(Ophthal),FIAS
Professor, Dept of Ophthalmology
VIMS & RC, Whitefield, Bangalore.
Email id :

Eye donation is donating your eyes after death to give sight to needy persons(corneal blindness).Eyes are not taken when alive. Only cornea will be used for transplantation, not whole eyeball. One person can give sight to two blind person.
In India,15 million are blind,among 6.8 million are corneal blind, which is likely to increase to 10.6 million by 2020.Among the corneal blind, at least 3 million can benefit by corneal transplantation the most successful of all transplants.The need is around 1,50000 corneas per year. There is huge gap between requirement and supply.

Causes of Corneal blindness:
Common are Corneal injuries, Malnutrition, Infections, Chemical burns, Congenital disorders, Post-operative complications.

Who can donate eyes?
Anyone, Any age, Any gender, Spectacle users, Diabetics and Hypertensives can donate eyes.

Who cannot donate eyes?
Those with Hepatitis, AIDS, Encephalitis, Rabies, Septicaemia, Retinoblastoma, Leukaemia, Lymphomas can not donate eyes.

Procedure for eye donation.
Eye donation is simple. It is only one phone call away. Call us at 080- 28413381 ext 135 (eye donation helpiine) or nearest eyebank after death. Removal of eyes takes only 20 minutes. It doesnot delay funeral arrangements or disfigure the face. Eyes removed within 6 hours after death. After legal heir s consent the eyes are removed by trained doctor using sterile procedure, leaves no scar or disfigurement of the face.
After donation , the donor family receive a certificate of appreciation from the eye bank. Eyes are evaluated at the bank and only the ones deemed suitable are used for transplant, others are used for research and education. Recipients are noticed on the first come first serve basis from the registry. The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous but donor family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore vision of two blind person.

Eye donation taboos:
The taboos are Lack of awareness, Fear of disfigurement, Apathy or Forgetfulness and Lack of favorable legislations. Actually eye donation has sanction of all key religious leaders.

What is Eye bank?
Eye bank is the link between the donor family and a cornea recipient. It is a community non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to restoring sight to those who are blind or visually impaired through the promotion and advancement of eye donation.

Functions of Eye bank:
Functions of eye bank are To maintain the recipient list, To screen and evaluate donors eyes and To eliminate waiting list.

What can you do?
Take care of your eyes. They are Gods gift to be passed on. Learn about eye donation. Pledge and register to donate your eyes in VIMS & RC eye bank. Encourage people around you to pledge. Let eye donation become a tradition in your family. Donate eyes of your dearest after death.