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The Pharmacology Department conducts undergraduate medical, dental, nursing and other paramedical allied courses via practical and theory classes. lt also trains the post graduate (M.D. Pharmacology) students. Since June 2015 the department has also initiated PhD Programme.

The department has facilities and infrastructure to fulfil the objectives of the course as per the Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences and Medical Council of India. The students have the opportunity for a good amount of interaction with the faculty which helps them understand their subjects better. Also, interested students take up short academic projects funded by ICMR and RGUHS under the mentorship of faculties. Skills are imparted through computer assisted learning, simulations, and interactive sessions.

The faculty and the post graduates are involved in research activities in addition to teaching.They participate in various national and international conferences and have published papers.

The Department also runs Pharmacovigilance unit (Adverse drug reaction monitoring centre, AMC)which is recognized by the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PVPI) under Indian Pharmacopoeia commission under WHO. The department is also actively involved in NABH management of medication of Vydehi hospital. They are involved in monthly prescription audits, and training of hospital staffs in areas related to management of medication.

The department also has pre-clinical facilities for animal studies, under the supervision of CPCSEA.

Latest Equipments
Hebb’s William’s Maze
Eddy’s hot plate
Open field apparatus
Shuttle box