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The department of Nephrology was started in 2005, with vision of providing quality Nephrology services to needy patients at affordable cost. The department provides a comprehensive nephrology services, including

  1. Nephrology Consultation
  2. Hemodialysis services to Inpatients as well as outpatients
  3. Peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
  4. Renal Transplantation

Nephrology consultation is available from 9AM to 4PM on all working days.
Hemodialysis unit run by Fresenius Medical Care (Dialysis Service) India Pvt. Ltd in co-ordination with Vydehi Hospital  is well equipped with state of the art ten  brand new Fresenius 4008s machines, one 5008 model brand new CRRT machine and one multifiltrate model  CRRT Fresenius machine.  The department provides 24/7 hemodialysis facilities to the needy patients. There are also facilities for ICU dialysis in Medical ICU, Neurosurgical, and CTVS ICUs. Also there is separate machine dedicated to  HCV infected patients. We are providing quality hemodialysis at a affordable cost.

There are facilities for peritoneal dialysis catheter implantation and as well as training facilities for CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory peritoneal Dialysis).

The department of nephrology is recognized for conducting Renal Transplantation by Government of Karnataka. The department has conducted couple of successful Renal Transplants.