Dept of Psychiatry Research Work


Research Activities


Dr Sattar FA -1. Profile of factors associated with suicide: Hospital based prospective study
Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in eastern part of Bangalore: House to house survey
Psychiatric referrals within the General hospital: comparison between inpatient and outpatient referrals

Completed Projects:
1. Spectrum of  CT Scan Brain findings in patients with Mood Disorders.
2. Proof of concept study : Tramadol in Major Depressive disorder.
3. “A comparative study of different modalities of treatment in Nicotine Dependence Syndrome”.

Ongoing Projects :

ICMR Project:
Assessment of Psychological stress and burnout in first year undergraduate Medical students.

Departmental Projects:

1. A study of Psychiatric morbidity and Psychosocial factors associated with Adolescent suicide attempts.
2. Psychosocial factors and personality profile in Early onset and Late onset Typologies of Alcohol Dependence syndrome.
3. Detection of Psychiatric disorders in Pregnancy in Obstetric outpatient clinic.
4. Psychiatric referrals within the General hospital: Comparison between Inpatient and Outpatient referrals.
5. A study of Psychiatric co-morbidity in patients presenting with Sexual problems in a General hospital Psychiatric unit.
6. A study of Premenstrual syndrome in urban Nursing students.
7. Psychosocial aspects of Deliberate Self Harm- A Prospective study.
8. Psychosocial aspects of Deliberate Self Harm- A Retrospective study.
9. Stress among newly joined UG medical students: A case control study.
10. A survey on recent trends of Psychiatrists towards ECT.
11. Age at first onset of Psychiatric morbidity: A cross sectional study.

Case Presentations:

1. Art and Psychiatry: An interesting case
Indian Psychiatric Society-Karnataka Branch: June 2010

2. A case of Kleine Levin Syndrome.
Indian Psychiatric Society-Karnataka Branch: March 2011

Invited Guest Lectures:

1. Mixed Anxiety Depressive disorder an overview for General Practitioners.
2. Sleep disorders an overview for shift workers in IT professionals.
3. Management of stress- For General Health Practitioners.
4. Management of Depression in General practice for General Health Practitioners.
5. Eating disorders and obesity in IT professionals.

CME Programmes/Conferences/Academic activities:

The Department of Psychiatry conducts and takes part in various academic activities in VIMS & RC.

  1. Academic Society meetings on every third Friday of the month.
  2. Regular inter-departmental PG programmes.
  3. Attending and presenting cases at the monthly case conference of Indian Psychiatric Society –Karnataka Branch.
  4. Attending various PG CME programmes organized by the Indian Psychiatric Society.
  5. Lecture series for the Psychiatry PG students in the department.
  6. Regular Seminars / Journal club and case conferences to PG’s in the department.
  7. Regular Seminars to Internee Medical Officers.