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Non funded

  • Awareness of post exposure prophylaxis in HIV/AIDS among interns
  • Family planning acceptance in a rural area
  • A study on diarrhea among under five children in a rural area
  • Immunization status of infants in the field practice area of VIMS & RC
  • Prevalence of diabetes in a rural community
  • A screening program for coronary heart disease in a rural area
  • Breast feeding and complementary feeding among infants
  • Health status of Health care workers in Rural Health Centre
  • Immunization status of Interns with regard to Hepatitis B and Tetanus
  • Screen for cataract in rural field practice area
  • Study of Infant death and its determinants in Kannamangala PHC
  • Study of immunization status in under five children in RHTC, Kannamangala
  • Obesity-Rural Women of Reproductive Age group.
  • Infant and Young Child feeding practice And its Association with growth and Development.


  • Role Model to Establish Comprehensive Health Care in Primary Health Centre area with Special Reference to Maternal and Child Health Funded by Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project.
  • Strategy to sensitize private practioners on RNTCP through medico social workers in urban area, Bangalore. Funded by RNTCP.
  • A study on the Epidemiological profile and the perceive stress among autorikshaw drivers in Bangalore city ICMR STS projects 2016.
  • ICMR Project which was approved “Knowledge, awareness and attitude of medical students regarding HPV vaccination.” (2019)
  • RGHUS Project which was approved“Comparative Study on the Quality of Life among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) And Parents of Children without ASD.” (2020)


  • Role of IEC in Improvement of Breast feeding and infant feeding practices in pregnant women in field practices area of VIMS & RC- Dr. Pradeep
  • Impact of nutrition education and supplementary nutrition under ICDS scheme on nutritional status of preschool children in rural field practice area.- Dr.Imran
  • Reasons for defaults among tuberculosis patients treated under revised national tuberculosis control programme in selected tuberculosis units in Bangalore urban district Karnataka. – Dr. Srinath
  • Prevelance of repetitive strain injury, visual disorders and stress among information technology professional in Bangalore city. – Dr. Ashwini
  • Role of IEC in Reduction of overweight and obesity in school children – an interventional study – Dr. Hemalatha
  • Assessment of Environmental sanitation practices and implementation and evaluation of information education and communication programme in selected rural field practice area. – Dr. Radha Reddy
  • Effectiveness of behavior change communication on selected risk behaviours among rural high school children – Dr. Swetha Rajeshwari
  • Effectiviness of behaviou change commication among non acceptors of family planning in rural field practice area – Dr. Hemavarneshwari
  • Behavioural change communication on attributable factors associated with road traffic accidents in two & four wheel drivers stationed at whitefield area Bangalore – Dr. Mouleeswara Reddy
  • Effect of BCC Strategy on knowledge and practice of BMW management among health care personnel working in Bangalore City. Dr Mustafa
  • Effectiveness of IEC on knowledge and practice of mothers under five regarding ARI in Mallasandra rural field practice area of VIMS&RC. Dr Vikas Jaiswal
  • Effect of IEC in prevention and control of diarrhoeal diseases among pre-school children in rural field practice area of VIMS & RC, Bangalore.- Dr Kajok
  • Lifestyle modification in pre diabetes for glycemic control in rural field practice area of VIMS & RC, Bangalore -Dr Achuth.K.S
  • Effectiveness of nutrition education on growth pattern of low birth weight babies in the field practice area of VIMS & RC, Bangalore.- Dr.Nivedita.B.M
  • Effectiveness of IEC and Drug Compliance and life style modification among hypertensives and Pre hypertensives in a rural area. Dr Indumathi
  • Effectiveness of BCC on tobacco usage among the adolescents in a rural field practice area of a medical college. Dr Althaf Hussain
  • Effectiveness of BCC on modifiable risk factors of Hypertension among school children in field practice area of a medical college. Dr. Srikanth S
  • Work related factors affecting breast feeding practices in women working in software companies in EPIP Area, Bengaluru: A cross section study Dr. Kumari Mona Sharma
  • Effect of interpersonal communication on knowledge. Attitude and practice regarding cervical cancer among women of reproductive age group in White field area of Bengaluru city, Before and after interventional study. Dr. GarimaKumari
  • Perceived Stress, Factors Associated and the Relationship between the Stress and Sleeping pattern among Medical students in Bangalore – A cross sectional study. Dr Biswabinod Sanfai
  • Effect of behaviour change communication on knowledge attitude and practice on overweight and obesityamong overweight and obese women in rural areas – a community based interventional study, Dr Yamini Satya
  • Association of Life style, Perceived Stress and work related Musculo-skeletal disorders among Weavers Working in Power-looms compared to general population –  ACross-sectional, Comparative Analytical study. Dr Sowjanya D
  • Health and Nutritional Status and Factors associated among the Children of parent(s) working in Power looms in Bengaluru rural and factors associated- A Cross sectional Study. Dr Sowjanya D
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Physical Activity among Students of Selected Government Schools in Bengaluru Rural district:
    A Cross-sectional Study. Dr Ashwini M
  • Immunization Status and Factors Associated with it Among the Children aged 12-36 months of Migrant Workers in Urban Bangalore East. Dr Shweta N Kurkure
  • Out- of- Pocket Expenditure for Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Services among the Households in the Rural Field Practice Areas of a Medical Colleges in Bangalore – A Community Bases Prospective Study. Dr S Preethika
  • Quality of Life, Stress, Health Status, and the Factors Associated among the Women staying in Paying Guest Accommodations in Bengaluru. Dr Anamika Gowsami
  • Morbidity pattern and Active ageing and the Factors associated among the Geriatric population in a rural field practice area, Bengaluru – A community based cross sectional study. Dr Archana Mandal
  • Menopausal symptoms and health care seeking behaviour among the postmenopausal women in rural field practice area of a Medical College –A community based cross-sectional study- Dr.Renjini.P.S
  • Effect of nutritional education on knowledge of iron rich foods, iron intake and haemoglobin levels among adolescent girls in rural area of Bangalore East- Dr.Chaganti Sreelatha


  • A Situation Analysis of Vitamin A Deficiency in Preschool Children of Rural Field Practice Area of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
  • Assessment of Nutritional Status of Preschool Children in a Rural Area
  • A Study on Obesity Among Medical Students in Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
  • Impact of Educational Intervention on Oral Rehydration Therapy During Diarrhoea
  • Feeding Practices in Under Fives During Diarrhoea Before and After Educational Intervention
  • Impact of Educational Intervention On Knowledge of Mothers Regarding Home Management of Diarrhoea
  • A Study of Determinants of Protein Energy Malnutrition in Under Five Children in a Rural Area
  • Prevalence of Refractive Errors in School Children in Sarjapura
  • Prevalence of Hypertension in Kalkunte Rural Health Centre Area
  • Prevalence and Determinants of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in an Urban School
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Among High School Children in Sarjapura Rural Area Before and After Information Education and Communication Programme
  • Acceptance of Family Planning Methods in Rural Field Practice Area
  • Awareness on Smoking and its Ill Effects Among School Children Following an Intervention Programme
  • Prevalence of Cataract in Rural Area and Utilization of Facilities at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
  • A Study on Epidemiology of Genital Prolapse in Vydehi Hospital
  • KAP Study of Diabetes Melllitus Among Patients in VIMS & RC
  • A Study of Hypertension in Non-Teaching Staff of VIMS & RC
  • Road Traffic Accidents Treated at Vydehi Hospital- A Retrospective Study
  • A Study of Protein Energy Malnutrition in a Rural Community Among 1-5 Year Children
  • A Study on Diabetes and Its Complications
  • Awareness About Eye Donation Among Medical Students
  • Nutritional Status of Medical Students in VIMS & RC
  • Profile of Incidence of Post- Operative Wound Infection in Vydehi Hospital- A Retrospective Study
  • Immunization Coverage in Under Five Children at Arehalli Rural Area
  • Common Medical- Surgical Emergencies in Vydehi Hospital-A Retrospective Study
  • A Study of Water Supply and Sanitation in Handenahalli Village
  • Refractive Errors in School Children in Sarjapura PHC Area
  • A Study on Immunization Status of Under Fives in Sarjapura Rural Health Centre Area and Conduction of Intensive Immunization Programme
  • Study on Gastroenteritis in Hostel Students of VIMS & RC
  • A Study on Hospital Waste Management
  • A Study on Blood Bank Activities in VIMS & RC as per the Norms of NACO
  • A Study on Hypertension in Bodhanahojalli Village
  • A Study on Awareness and Use of Tobacco among College Students at Sarjapura
  • A Study on Alcohol Dependent Syndrome in Adigarakallahalli Village
  • A Study of Hemoglobin Levels in First Year Medical Students- A Cross- Sectional Study
  • Assessment of Health Status of Non-Teaching Staff of VIMS & RC
  • A Study on Heart Diseases in School Children in Rural Field Practice Area
  • Study on Effect of Physical Activity on Blood Pressure and BMI Among Non-Teaching Staff at VIMS & RC
  • Determinants of Low Birth Weight in VIMS & RC
  • A Study on Implementation of RNTCP and Treatment Outcome at VIMS & RC
  • A Study on Health Status of Traffic Police Personnel
  • HIV awareness among high school children, Sarjapura
  • A study to assess the sanitation facilities in households of Thindlu village of Sarjapura, RHTC
  • A study to assess and understand the practices of personal hygiene in school children and to raise awareness for the same
  • A study to assess the immunization status of under five children in Bhurgunte village, Sarjapur.
  • Evaluation of MCH care in the project on role model to establish comprehensive health care in PHC area with special reference to MCH.
  • Evaluation of Malaria, TB, HIV, Programme in Rural Field Practice Area.


IEC- Dengue fever

IEC- Dengue fever

Screening camp

Health education for General Public