Awards/Achievements - VIMS


Industry-Academia Collaboration

Workshop for trainees of Novonordisk: 30th June 2022

Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Unit (AMC), Vydehi hospital, Department of Pharmacology organized the first of its kind workshop on the theme “Hospital functioning of Pharmacovigilance”. It was a request from the multinational pharmaceutical firm to orient their trainees of Pharmacovigilance team on how an adverse drug reaction (ADR) is spotted, treated, and reported in our set up. The workshop was attended by around 20 participants. The session started at the hospital lobby. A skit was presented on awareness on medication safety by undergraduate students. It was followed by observation of a simulated case of ADR, and then uploading that through software provided by the Pharmacovigilance program, Government of India.

PMED 2022 (Pharmacology made easy for dental)

Pharmacomnemonic competition : 6th July 2022

PMED was organized as an innovative measure to make students think out of the box and make drug classifications easy to grasp & remember. The other objective was team based approach in learning pharmacology . Sudents were divided into groups & each group presented mnemonics for a class of drugs. The students came up with different genra of mnemonics like picmonics, story based mnemonic, movie theme based mnemonic & social media inspired mnemonic. A representative faculty was invited from Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences. Prizes in the form od medals were distrinuted to three winning teams.


The yearly webinar series of the department of Pharmacology was hosted between 2nd and 5th August 2022. It was attended by around 450 participants from across India, and an international participant. There were 2 hours of academic feast daily, guest lectures delivered by eminent speakers from academia and pharmaceutical industry, and digital health start up. There were on-site events for undergraduate medical, and paramedical students where they were given opportunities to present concept maps on Pharmacology. There were also around 150 poster presentations from postgraduate medical students across various disciplines on the aspect of pharmacology and medication safety. The department also released the first newsletter “PharmAcNews”. The undergraduate prizes were named after the father of Indian Pharmacology as Col. B.N Chopra award. The program received 3 CME credit points from Karnataka Medical Council.

Pharmacovigilance WeeK 2022

17th to 23rd September 2022

“Pharmacovigilance week 2022” was celebrated through the week of 17th to 23rd September. The tagline for this week was “Encouraging reporting of ADR by patients”. Vydehi AMC’s tagline was “Drug Reactions: Spot, Treat & Report”. We conducted competitions like ADR filling and ePosters for students. On 17th September, 2022 we had inaugural ceremony in our hospital lobby that was followed by skit for ADR awareness among public and prize distribution. We also released a patient handbook for ADR reporting awareness. On 19th September, we distributed health cards along with creating awareness in Medicine OPD. On 20th September, we had awareness session and skit near pharmacy. On 21st September, we had spot charts for students. On 22nd September, we had antibiotic utilisation awareness session followed by community awareness campaign on 23rd September.

Alumni interaction 2022

  • Dr Roshlin Jose, project coordinator, UNT Health Sciences Centre, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, interacted about ICMR research projects for undergraduates, & how it helped her in her journey.
  • Dr Siddharth A, past undergraduate interacted about his RGUHS research project and grant writing.