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Culture and sensitivity and direct microscopy of specimens received from clinical departments of Vydehi hospital are processed by Automated vitek system.

Serological tests like Elisa and rapid tests for HIV, HBsAg, ASO, RA, CRP, WIDAL, VDRL, ANA panel by Western blot are performed.

QBC and rapid antigen detection tests for malaria parasite are also carried out in the central diagnostic laboratory. The department library is well stocked with the latest editions of text books for undergraduates and post graduates. More than 100 reference books for post graduates including the Topley Wilson, Murray, Prescott etc are available.

Direct Microscopy 

  1. Gram stain
  2. AFB stain
  3. Hanging drop
  4. Wet mount and iodine mount for stool ova cysts and parasites.
  5. India ink

Culture and sensitivity 

  1. Automated culture and sensitivity testing of all samples
  2. Automated fungal culture reports for yeasts
  3. Manual fungal culture 
  4. Automated blood culture

Serology tests 

Done for all major infectious diseases by 

  1. Rapids card tests
  2. ELISA 
  3. CLIA
  4. Immuno chromatography

Environmental surveillance  

  1. Air
  2. Water 
  3. Surface 
  4. Disinfectants 

Immunology tests 

  1. ASO
  2. RA
  3. CRP
  4. ANA 18 BLOT
  5. Anti-CCP ELISA 


  1. Malarial Parasite Antigen detection
  2. Stool examination for ova and cysts of parasites