Dept of Forensic Medicine Curriculum | Course


Located at basement with external entry and internal entry consisting of 1000 sq. meters of well lighted ventilated and having properly equipped instruments is used for storing dead bodies, carrying out regular autopsy work with student demonstration as needed. At any given time adequate cold storage for dead bodies, four operating tables and adequate waiting area for police and relatives are there. Side labs for screening for alcohol and pesticides are provided. We carry out embalming and storage of dead bodies also.  Total autopsies in year 2011 is 193, in 2012 is 233, in 2013 is 251, in 2014 is 291, in 2015 is 274, in 2016 is 264, in 2017 is 333, in 2018 is 443, in 2019 is 485, in 2020 is 487

  • NABH standards are followed
  • Covid guidelines are followed. Disinfection with hypochlorite is done after each autopsy
  • Sanitization, autoclaving is done regularly
  • Mourners room is there
  • Adjacent serology room is there
  • Skeletal remains examination is also done
  • Facilitates police in identifying unknown/missing persons