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Housed in the medical college building of Vydehi Medical Institute all physical requirements consisting of office room, record keeping facility, offices for personnel, library, museum, research laboratory and mortuary are all available. Classrooms and lecture theatres with audiovisual facility are shared.

The department has adequate, modern equipment and teaching/learning aids available for autopsy work, embalming & storage of dead bodies, teaching/learning activities as well as for research work.

The Mortuary consists of a 1000 Sq meter area which has:

1.  Automatic exhaust and cold storage facilities
2.  Closed Circuit TV camera
3.  Four tables with side dissection table each
4.  Automatic dead body weighing machine
5.  Embalming Machine & Oscillating Saw. The department has all these in addition to all other general equipments for any mortuary work

The Research Laboratory consists of all general instruments for  preservation , processing  of tissues. It also has an Autoclave, hot air oven, water bath, and microscopes.

The Department has a collection of more than 600 plus bones, X ray plates, osteometric boards & other tools for MBBS /PG teaching.

There has been a slow and steady increase in the autopsies conducted. The number of autopsies conducted in the year 2011 is 193, in 2012  is 233, in 2013 is 251, in 2014 is 291, in 2015 is 274, in 2016 is 264, in 2017 is 333, in 2018 is 443, in 2019 is 485, in 2020 is 487, in 2021 is 401

A special area is assigned to the Clinical Forensic Medicine in the Department. Approximately 20-40 cases are handled yearly. Clinical Forensic medical cases conducted in the year 2016 are 19, in 2017 are 19. In the year 2018- 22 cases, in the year 2019-40 cases, in the year 2020-22 cases, in the year 2021- 20 cases.

The department also conducts Clinical Forensic work like. Age estimation, examination of Sexual assault cases, DNA sample collection as required by the police / Court are examined. Advice is given to EMD staff and CMOs as and when required in medicolegal cases of RTA, Assault, Poisoning, Fall, Work Place injury, Burns, Electrocution, Rape / Sexual assault, Hanging, Kidnap, Drunkenness, Others

The Institution regularly organizes seminars, debates, guest lectures and visits to the crime scenes.

In 2019 a mock court room was started. It has all the necessary facilities for practicing a court room session. The walls also have informative charts regarding the same

There is a department library housed in the first floor. Museum in practical hall is also there in addition to the centralized museum,

Osteometric board, view box, calipers, microscopes are there for practical exercises

Live streamed Video demonstration of autopsy is there which is possible to be viewed from the practical hall.

The mortuary also handles storage of Non MLC dead bodies including embalming services. Cold storage facility is extended even to outside hospital deaths subject to availability of cold storage units. During Covid Pandemic department handled / coordinated all the covid deaths for cold storage, relatives viewing, cremation / burial through BBMP and revenue authorities both within the State and outside the State.

The museum at the Forensic Department houses the following

 The Forensic  Medicine  Museum  consists of more than 500 photographs , charts , more than  200 wet  specimens  , bones/skeletons ,  clay models  & various toxicology  specimens  as well as firearm specimens and weapons . These are all arranged in jars, glass cases & cupboards.  

 25 sets of catalogues are also there for students and faculty to refer.

  No.   No.
Infanticide 18 Mummified Foetus 10
Brain 16 Heart 14
Heart with Aorta 04 Lungs 15
Liver 20 Kidney 08
Spleen 05 Uterus 06
Face Part 01 Stomach 04
Sternum 04 Trachea with soot 01
Neck Structures 05 Umbilical cord 01
Degloving Plants 02 Skin with tattoo 03
Non Human – one complete set of Monkey Skeleton, Two complete sets of human skeleton
Whole Skull 11 Skull Vault 14
Mandible 14 Clavicle 20
Sternum 07 Scapula 16
Humerous 24 Radius 15
Ulna 15 Hip Bone 24
Sacrum 14 Femur 32
Tibia 18 Fibula 16
Patella 13 Vertebra 118
Ribs/ Tarsals / Carpals/ Metacarpal / Metatarsal / Phalenges 300
Rifle 1 Blunt weapons 7
Pellets 8 Cartridges 7
Sharp Cutting light weapons 12 Ligature Material 7
Pistol 2 Sharp cutting heavy weapons 6
Vegetable poisons 22 Animal 19
Metals 10 Agricultural 04
Alcohols 14 (Snake – 11, Scorpion – 6, Bee – 1, Bat – 1) 19
Charts 105 Diagram 10
Miscellaneous 5    
Autopsy Procedures 27 Infanticide 21
Starvation Deaths 03 Artefacts 07
Identification 99 Asphyxial Deaths 44
Ethics / Negligence 05 Toxicology 106
Road Traffic Injuries 33 Homicidal Injuries 27
Thermal Injuries 38 Mechanical Injuries 108
Drowning 06 PM Changes 75
Weapons 41 Snakes 09
Full case profile mounted on felt boards 21    
Skull with jaw 31 Shoulder Joint 08
Elbow Joint 22 Wrist 20
Hip Joint 09 Knee 12
Ankle Joint with foot 10 Clavicle 07
Sternum 02 Miscellaneous 23