Dept of Dermatology Research Work



Sl No Thesis Topic Pg Guide
1 Comparative Study Between Combinations Of Cryotherapy And Intralesional Triamcenolone Versus Intralesional 5-Flourouracil And Intralesional Triamcenolone In The Treatment Of Keloids And Hypertrophic Scars Dr. Sheena Singh Dr. k.cHanumanthayya
2 Comparative Study Of Therapeutic Efficacy Of Modified Kligman’s Regime And Glycolic Acid Peel (35 To 50%) In Melasma Patients Dr. Khushbu Tantia Dr. Rajendran.s.c
3 Ecg p-Wave Dispersion In Patients With Psoriasis Dr. Amitha.l.n Dr. k. Hanumanthayya
4 Comparative Study Of Clinical Efficacy And Safety Of 0.1% Topical Mometasone Furoate And Tacrolimus In The Treatment Of Localised Vitiligo In Adults Dr. Saiswetha.s Dr. Rajendran.s.c
5 Cutaneous Manifestations Of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In a Tertiary Refferal Centre Dr. Ashwini.n Dr. Bhanuprakash
6 A Study Of Clinical Profile Of Allergic Contact Dermatitis And Evaluation Of Patch Test Results Using Indian Standard Series Dr. Nida Dr. k.Hanumanthayya
7 Clinicohistopathological And Dermoscopic Corelation Of Papulosquamous Disorders Dr. Sonakshi.s Dr. Yogeesh.h.r
8 Role Of Thyroid Profile In Cicatricial And Non Cicatricial Alopecia Dr. Anisha.m Dr. k.Hanumanthayya
9 a Clinical Study Of Alopecia Areata With Other Coexisting Comorbidities Dr. Ritu Agrawal Dr. Bhanuprakash
10 a Clinical Study On Acute Cutaneous Manifestations Following Radiation Therapy In Head And Neck Cancer Patients At Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre Dr. Priyanka Rddy.r Dr. k.Hanumanthayya
11 a Clinical Study Of Vitilgo With Other Coexisting Systemic Comorbidities Dr. Ritika Shanmugam Dr. Bhanuprakash
12 a Clinical Study On Mucocutaneouys Manifestations In Patients On Renal Dialysis At Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre Dr. Menakaa Mohan Dr. k.Hanumanthayya