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  1. Name of the Candidate: Mr.T.Surendra Babu
    Title of Research Topic: Study of chronic exposure of Monosodium glutamate and hepatoprotective effect of Phyllanthus emblica on liver of Wistar albino rats.
    Name of the Research Guide: Dr.Varsha Mokhasi, Professor & HOD of Anatomy
  2.  Name of the Candidate: Mrs. Showri. R
    Title of Research Topic: A prevalent study of micronucleus frequencies as biomarker for genotoxicity in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    Name of the Research Guide: Dr.Rajini T, Professor of Anatomy
  3. Dr. Varsha Mokhasi
    Morphometric analysis of menisci of knee joint – A Cadaveric Study
  4. Dr. Shashirekha .M
    Study of axis vertebra -Sexual dimorphism in cervical vertebra
  5. Dr.Betty Anna Jose
    Study of variations in branches of median nerve in carpel tunnel
  6. Dr. Aga Ammar Murthuza
    Anatomical variations and joint space measurement of sacroiliac joint – an MRI study.
    Study of accessory foraminas in atlas vertebrae
    Morphometric analysis of menisci of knee joint – A MRI Study
    Study of variation in formation of obtutator artery