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Body Donation

Body Donation

Any donation from us gives us immense sense of happiness when we are alive we try giving as much as possible for the needy.

Once we reach the end of “journey of life” we become from “Somebody” to some “body”. And this body is of no use to us. After our death the mortal remains generally will be burnt or buried which perishes in to ash or mud. Instead of this we can donate our body for educational purpose.

Anatomy is a department, where medical students who are going to be future doctors are going to learn the geography of the human body. Even after so much of technological advancement we are still not able to create human body like how nature has given us.

In this regard we can donate our body for education purpose for the future doctors.



  1. You can download the form from website.
  2. Fill the form and photocopy it
  3. Send the photocopy to us with your photograph attached to the following address

Department of Anatomy,

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

#82, EPIP area, Nallurahalli,

Whitefield Bangalore – 560 066.

If your have not registed early also, if death occurs in the family you can bring the Body and donate to the college, provided there is a certification of death by registered Medical Practitioner without certification of dead bodies will not be accepted to avoid legal hassles.


  1. Only natural death,where multi-organ failure happens, such bodies are useful.
  2. If you want to donate eyes it should be done with in four hours after death.After the death a moist cotton has to be kept on the eyelids after closing the eyes.
  3. After death body has to reach our department within 8 hours after death. If informed to the hospital number. Institute will provide the transport to bring the body to the institute.
  4. Certification of deathis must to avoid Legal complications.
  5. If the death occurs on holiday or Sunday also transport is possible as hospital services are 24×7.
  6. Once the body reaches anatomy department we will give you a body receipt certificate. With this the death certificate from corporation can be obtained.


When brain is dead and the heart is still beating so that blood circulation is still continued the organs like Kidney, heart, liver etc. can be donated. The person need to be certified brain dead by atleast four doctors.