Dept of Psychiatry Facilities


Name of the Equipment
1.Electroconvulsive Therapy Machine with computerized EEG & ECG monitoring.
2.Multi channel biofeedback
3.Multi channel digitalized biofeedback – Relax 701
4.Quadramind for : Sex Therapy, Electro sleep, Brain polarizer & Aversion therapy
5.State of the art minor OT for ECT.
6.Psychometric and psycho diagnostic equipment

Facilities: / Service Provided:
Service Provided
1. Emergency Psychiatry care
2. Acute Psychiatry care
3. Consultation liaison psychiatry
4. Sub-acute and chronic Psychiatry care
5 .Psychosocial Rehabilitation services
Acute Care & Emergency services both for male and female
General Psychiatry Ward separate for Male and female
De-addiction services
High Risk Suicide prevention services
Facility for Special wards available
Well Equipped Consultation Rooms
Consultation with highly qualified and experienced faculty
Therapy – Biological, Psychological & Behavioral
Psycho-social interventions
Crisis intervention services

Special Clinics: 2-4 pm

Monday Memory and Dementia Clinic
Tuesday Deaddiction Clinic
Wednesday Child Guidance Clinic
Thursday Headache Clinic
Friday Marital and Psycho Sexual Clinic

Special Therapy Units:

1.Bio-Feedback therapy
2.Relaxation Therapy
3.Multi Behavior Therapy
4.Brain Polarizer Therapy
5.Sex therapy
6.Aversion Therapy
7.Electro Sleep Therapy
8.Electro Convulsive Therapy
9.Cognitive – Behavior therapy

Health checkups/special investigations:
Pre employment mental health checkups’ mental health check up as a part of Master Health check up & Executive health check up
Community outreach programme
School Mental Health programme
Psychiatric and Psychological evaluation for Organ trans-plantation programme
Psychoeducation programme for the corporate.

Psychological Testing
1.Neuropsychological Tests
2.Intelligence Tests
3.Psychodiagnostic tests

Ongoing Research programmes:
1.A comparative study of different modalities of treatment in Nicotine Dependence Syndrome.
2.A study of Psychiatric morbidity and psychosocial factors associated with Adolescent Suicide attempts.
3.Psychosocial Factors and Personality Profile In Early Onset And Late Onset Typologies Of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome.
4.A Prospective study of clinical profile of suicide attempters in VIMS & RC
5.Recent trends and attitudes of use of ECT