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ENT Research

Ongoing Academic Activities

  1. Clinicopathological Study of Granulomatous Diseases of Nose by Dr. Minutha and Dr. Tabreez
  2. Clinicopathological Evaluation and Management of Recurrent Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media Squamosal Type by Dr. Sathish Kumar and Dr. Chirag
  3. Comparative Study Between Conventional and Circumferential TM Flap Elevation in Subtotal Elevation by Dr. G Prabhakar and Dr. Darshan
  4. To Study the Effect of Mastoid Drilling on Sensorineural Component of Contralateral Normal Functioning Ear by Dr. G Prabhakar and Dr. Vikyath
  5. A comparative Study of Early and Late Tracheostomy in Patients Requiring Prolonged Tracheal Intubation by Dr. Minutha and Dr. Sushmitha
  6. A Study on the Role of Turbinectomy to Access in the Management of Sinonasal Diseases by Dr. Sathish Kumar and Dr. Madhushree
  7. A Comparative Study Between Microscopic Laryngeal Surgery and Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery in the Management of Benign Lesions of Larynx by Dr. Sathish Kumar and Dr. Niveditha