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Surgical Oncology Services

Types of Oncology Surgery Services

Head and Neck Surgeries – Dedicated microvascular reconstruction program
Head and neck surgeries account for nearly 30% of the surgeries performed at VIMS & RC. Our trained doctors perform all kinds of oncological surgeries, including:

  • Oral, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and hypopharyngeal surgeries for head and neck cancers
  • Laryngeal conservation procedures
  • All varieties of neck dissections
  • Thyroid, parathyroid and parotid surgeries
  • Advanced microvascular reconstructions by a specialized plastic surgery team.

Abdominal and Thoracic Surgeries
It accounts for around 25% of the oncological surgeries performed here.

  • Our surgeons regularly conduct oesophageal cancer surgeries. Among that, Transthoracic-VATS mobilized esophagectomy is the most common surgery, followed by Ivor-lewis oesophagus gastrectomy. Of late, we have been performing many nodal dissections as part of oesophageal resections.
  • We operate around 1-2 major lung resections per month, which usually involve lobectomies.
  • Gastric and colonic surgeries are common. We perform anastomosis with stapling techniques and laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Whipple’s pancreatic duodenectomy- is another frequently performed procedure, and we have an excellent safety record of this procedure.

Breast Surgeries
Oncological breast surgeries account for the next 30% of the surgeries. Our well-versed surgeons perform:

  • Breast conservation surgeries for cancers amounts to 35% of all breast surgeries.
  • Blue dye sentinel node procedure
  • Modified radical mastectomies
  • Needle localization and excision for non-palpable lesions
  • TRAM flap and Latissimus Dorsi flap as part of primary and secondary breast reconstruction
  • Oncoplastic breast surgeries

Genito-Urinary Surgeries
Not just above, our surgeons can also perform Genito-Urinary oncology surgeries. Following are the surgeries conducted as part of the stream.

  • Adrenalectomies
  • Radical cystectomies with Ileal conduits for bladder cancers- common. Have started neo-bladder procedures as well.
  • Open and laparoscopic Wertheim’s hysterectomies and ovarian-cytoreductive surgeries
  • Laparoscopic total abdominal hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic oophorectomies
  • Elective and emergency general surgical management of genitourinary disorders

Sarcoma Surgeries – (Large Limb Salvage Surgery Program)

  • We run one of the largest limb salvage surgery programs in Karnataka and in the country as well.
  • Our ties with the Ministry of defence organization Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited helps us obtain titanium prostheses for extremities.
  • We have also treated a series of truncal sarcomas at our centre.

Supportive Surgical Procedures
Besides the above, the surgical oncologists also perform supportive surgeries like:

  • Venous access procedures, including implantable port placement
  • Emergency surgical procedures of intensive care unit
  • All minor surgical procedures like biopsies, drainage procedures are common
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and thoracoscopies
Speciality Clinics

In line with the three common cancers treated round the year, the department runs three speciality clinics.
1. HEAD AND NECK CLINIC on Tuesdays between 11 AM to 1 PM.
2. BREAST CLINIC on Wednesdays between 11 AM to 1 PM.
3. GYNAEC ONCOLOGY CLINIC on Thursdays between 11 AM to 1 PM.