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Surgical Oncologist

Oncology Faculty List

The surgical oncology department is home to the best oncology surgeons in Bangalore. Since the inculcation of the department, they have been spreading smiles and hope in many cancer patients. We introduce our expert team below.

Sl No Name Designation
1 Dr.Ganesh.M.S. Professor & HOD
2 Dr.B.R.Keerthi Assoc. Professor
3 Dr.Hemanth Asst. Professor
4 Dr.Amrutha Prabha Asst. Professor
5 Dr.Abhinay.I Asst. Professor
6 Dr.Shah Urvish Kamleshbhai Sr. Resident
7 Dr.Garima Sarawgi Sr. Resident
8 Dr.Rahul Surapaneni Sr. Resident
9 Dr.Bathala Udayee Teja Sr. Resident
10 Dr.Khyati Melanta Sr. Resident