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Radiotherapy Facilities

Radiotherapy Treatments

The department houses the following equipment:
I. For Teletherapy
Two high energy Linear Accelerators

  • IGRT with Respiratory Gating linear accelerator with dual Photon energy and 6 electron energies with multi-leaf collimator and IMRT and VMAT(Rapid arc) facilities
  • IGRT High energy linear accelerator with 5 photon energies (3 flattened and 2 unflattened) and 6 electron energies with multi-leaf collimators (both standard and micro) capable of delivering SRS, SRT, SBRT, VMAT, IMRT, 3DCRT.

II. For Brachytherapy
High dose rate (HDR), Remote after loading, Iridium 192 brachytherapy machine with 18 channels with the following applicators-

  • For Intracavitary or Cervix -Standard CT, MRI Carbon fibre applicators, Modified Fletcher Suit MRI compatible applicators, Standard ring applicator, Vienna MRI compatible ring applicators, Vaginal cylinder with single-channel, Vaginal cylinder with multiple channels
  •  Oesophagal applicator
  •  Endobronchial applicator
  • For Interstitial: MUPIT (Martinez Universal Perineal Interstitial template) with 3 sets of needles
  • For surface moulds: Freiburg applicator

III. For Treatment Planning, the following systems are available

  • Teletherapy: ECLIPSE 11, Monacco 5
  • Brachytherapy: Oncentra built in IPSA and HYPA optimisation algorithms

IV. For immobilisation. 

  • Aquaplast immobilising devices
  • Headrests
  • Base plates
  • boards for all sites
  • POP casts
  • Vac locks
  • SRS masks
  • SBRT body frames

V. Dosimetry related equipment is available