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Radiation Therapy Specialist

Radiotherapy Faculty List

Radiation Oncology is a specialised branch of cancer treatment. It offers hope to millions in advanced stages of cancer. Vydehi is home to the best Radiation Oncologists who provide the most viable therapy for their patients. 

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Sl No Name Designation
1 Dr. Geeta S. Narayanan Professor& HOD
2 Dr. Bhaskar Vishwanathan Professor
3 Dr. C. G Prameela Professor
4 Dr. Richa Tiwari Asst. Professor
5 Dr. Vandana Singh Asst. Professor
6 Dr. Divya Shree
7 Dr. Rashmi S Asst. Professor
8 Dr. Ashwini. L Sr. Resident
9 Dr.Melvin Daniel Lal Sr. Resident
10 Dr.Goyal Surekha Sr. Resident
11 Dr. Parikshith J Jr. Resident
12 Dr Dasari Esther Praisy Jr. Resident
13 Dr. Raahin Sulthana Jr. Resident
14 Dr. Gurubasappa Jr. Resident
15 Dr. Chatakonda Sai Snehit Jr. Resident
16 Dr. Priyanka Sangurmath Jr. Resident
17 Dr. Jaswanthi A R Jr. Resident
18 Dr. Pranitha S L Jr. Resident
19 Dr. Shreya S Kaundinya Jr. Resident
20 Dr. Ujval Venugopal Jr. Resident
21 Dr. Salman Khurshid Shah Jr. Resident
22 Dr. Veda Varshini D Nath Jr. Resident
23 Dr. Ameena Abdul Rahman Jr. Resident
24 Dr. Santhosha R Jr. Resident
25 Dr. Priyanka M V Jr. Resident