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Pain Medicine

Pain Management Centre in Whitefield Bangalore

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), one in five people suffers from chronic pain worldwide. People sometimes ignore the pain without knowing its root cause, and it eventually becomes unbearable after a certain stage. Pain management is crucial, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. Diagnosing the root cause and planning the treatment accordingly will yield an excellent result.

Vydehi is a leading pain clinic in India, and you can visit us for long-term relief from different types of pain. We facilitate modern infrastructure for diagnosing and treating various kinds of body pain. In addition, our health specialists provide customized schedules to patients for quick and hassle-free pain management.

Why Vydehi ?

Vydehi is a leading pain clinic in Bangalore, operating with a commitment to providing world-class pain management facilities to patients. We boast of having a cutting-edge infrastructure for medical diagnosis of critical muscle, joint, and internal organ pains. Nevertheless, our medical team consists of professional pain specialists with years of experience in pain diagnosis, management, and treatment. So, book an appointment at our clinic and meet a pain specialist in Bangalore to discuss your concerns.

Our Facilities & Services

Our unique facilities, molded on the bedrock of quality, empathy, and advanced technology, are to gift you a pain-free life.


We offer the finest healthcare facilities to patients who suffer from chronic pain. Our top-class infrastructure makes us a leading Pain management clinic in Bangalore.


We have veteran doctors and medical professionals to facilitate the best service. You can find a specialist to manage different types of chronic pain-related issues. So, book your appointment at our Pain management clinic in Bangalore and consult a specialist.


Reaching and obtaining our outpatient service is simple. You must book an appointment online and visit the clinic according to your preferred schedule. Consult a professional pain management specialist to obtain seamless service.


We offer treatment that brings long-lasting results for patients. Our specialists analyze the reports and diagnose the disease. Depending on the severity, the doctors suggest surgical or non-surgical treatments.


At our pain management clinic in Bangalore, you will find affordable service from experts. We provide high-quality treatments for various chronic pain conditions at the most reasonable prices.


We give stress to the permanent healing of chronic physical pain. In addition to the medicines, we suggest therapies and changes to how you eat to deal with severe pain and get long-term relief.


We have a dedicated emergency pain management unit with modernized equipment to facilitate emergency service.


Stress fractures and other sports injuries can cause athletes to have long-term pain. Meet with our experienced pain doctors in Bangalore to discuss your health problems and get a smooth treatment.


Vydehi is committed to providing patients with the best pain management facilities. Therefore, we persistently update and upgrade infrastructure and equipment to ensure modernized pain relief treatments.


Our Treatments


What happens during the first visit?

After examining the patient’s condition and evaluating the history, a pain specialist will prescribe a few ways to help the patient manage their pain without overly compromising their lifestyle. In severe cases, medications will be recommended as well as regular physical therapy to strengthen the patient’s body.

Some common risk factors for chronic pain?

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When is pain considered to be chronic?

Is chronic pain preventable?