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Gastro care and stomach specialist list

The physicians of the department of Medical Gastroenterology are among the most capable doctors of Bangalore. Their expertise is unparalleled. A humane approach to all their patients and cases is their strongest suite. Briefly get to know them here and contact us to make your appointments today to resolve your issues with a human touch.

Available Doctors List

Sl No Name Designation
1 Dr. Praveen Mathew Professor
2 Dr. Prashant Y Kanni Assoc. Professor
3 Dr.Chandrababu Devarapu Assoc. Professor
4 Dr Manoj Gowda.A Asst. Professor
5 Dr.Jaseem Ansari Sr.Resident
6 Dr Achal Garg Sr. Resident
7 Dr.Nithin Kumar H N Sr. Resident
8 Dr.Raghuveer Balabhadra Sr. Resident